Recover America Now is a non-profit organization located in Nacogdoches, Texas, founded by Dr. Rick Scarborough.  Dr. Scarborough has been recognized as an effective leader in Conservative movement since March of 1992.  His journey began when he attended an “AIDS Awareness” assembly at the local high school in the Pearland, Texas, where he was the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church.
Pastor Scarborough stood up in the assembly and challenged the speaker for what he considered misinformation that sanctioned and facilitated illicit sexual activity among high school students.  The following Sunday morning he read the transcript of the speaker’s remarks to his congregation, sounding an alarm in many parents.  The next day, the story broke in the Houston Chronicle, bringing national attention to the high school assembly and Pastor Scarborough.
The church members, working with the School Board, initiated many changes in the way the school system approached sex education after that assembly.  And the membership learned the importance of taking their faith into the arena of public policy.
In 2002 Dr. Scarborough resigned the church after 12 years and began traveling across Texas, challenging pastors to educate and mobilize their congregants to vote their values on Election Day.  The Election that year produced a major shift in Texas politics when pro-life and pro-family majorities swept both houses of the state legislature and pro-life and pro-family candidates captured every state-wide office for the first time since Reconstruction.  That launched a national outreach to pastors, as Dr. Scarborough began traveling throughout the nation calling pastors to action.
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Our Strategy

Find pastors and other faith leaders who will pledge to take their faith into the civil arena and help shape public policy.

Historically, Pastors have been engaged in civil government. Legally, Pastors can be engaged in civil government. Biblically, Pastors must be engaged in civil government.

Our Mission

Recover America Now exists to mobilize Pastors and Church Leaders to use their influence to register, educate and mobilize values-based citizens to vote their Biblical values on Election Day.

Our Plan for 2020

Reach out to Pastors and Faith Leaders across Texas.

During 2020, Recover America is planning up to seventy-five large, medium and small Pastor-Faith Leader events across Texas, with a target of reaching 4,000 pastors with our message, and a goal of reaching 2,000 who will pledge to educate their congregations, register every eligible values-based voter within their sphere of influence and mobilize them to vote on Election Day.

Our Purpose

Recover America Now is praying and working for a revival in America resulting in a nation where Biblical values are embraced, and decency is restored.