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For Christians Courage is Required

By December 11, 2020December 15th, 2020No Comments

For Christians Courage is Required

By Dr. Rick Scarborough

In American political circles we often hear of Republicans and Democrats; Right vs. Left or even Conservatives vs. Progressives. But such designations no longer apply. Increasingly, what we have is right vs. wrong. The past four years under President Donald J. Trump have exposed what the professional political class obscured.

Trump haters opposed Donald Trump from the day he became the Republican nominee. During the last debate with Hillary Clinton he declared his unqualified support of the unborn and solidified his support among Evangelicals and record numbers of religious minority voters. Despite his humanity, President Trump stood up to the Left and fought for common people unlike any President in my lifetime while fending off withering attacks from liberal democrats and their allies in the mainstream news media.

Now we are hearing that he will not concede this election. I was in DC for his inauguration in January of 2017, when tens of thousands of feminists marched in the streets wearing hats too disgusting and sinful to describe, as they decried his election and began a four year effort to overturn his election.

Repeatedly, we are told that there is no credible evidence of election fraud. But the fact is no court has looked at the facts. Every lawsuit to date has been dismissed on the grounds of lack of standing or by saying it would not affect the outcome.

Now, Texas has filed suit, joined by 17 other states and the President, alleging the rights of her citizens to a fair election have been unlawfully diluted by illegal votes in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Michigan. This case can only be litigated before the Supreme Court and very soon we will learn if the Supremes will rule on the case.

The facts are indisputable. Those four states bypassed their state legislatures as required by their Constitutions. IF the Supreme Court refuses to rule against such obvious encroachments of our election franchise, America will no longer be a nation ruled by law but rather by men.

Regardless of how the Supreme Court rules, the issue for Christians will be the same. The true church and the apostates will be revealed as courage and fortitude among her pastors will be required. There are among us haters of God and freedom. IF the court overturns the election, it will signal that God has given America a reprieve and our President will have time and opportunity to finish what he has begun. The Deep State will know that their reign is ending and increasingly, evil will be exposed. Those in high places who thought they were exempt from the laws they layer upon ordinary citizens will face justice.

And in the streets Antifa and BLM will rain down murder and mayhem, knowing that their march to Marxism is in jeopardy facing a revival of law and order. Christians will be forced to confront Satan who never gives up ground he has gained without a fight. Faith without works is dead. I am not hoping for rioting and violence, but I am expecting it, if the Supreme Court does what is right.

The facts that have yet to be examined by our Justice system, will be examined if the case goes forward. Whistle blowers will be heard who observed illegal ballots being stuffed into ballot boxes for Candidate Biden. Vote harvesting, the process of gathering illegal votes for a candidate, has been documented. Thousands of voters voted twice or more. Tens of thousands of dead people and illegal aliens voted in this election. Anomalies will be examined, like statistically possible outcomes that are not plausible, like 20,000 votes suddenly appearing for Biden and none for Trump. These are a few of the irregularities that have been documented but unreported in this Presidential Election.

Courageous pastors must stand up and lead their people to defend truth ushering in the Third Great Awakening many have been praying for if America is to remain the city sat upon a hill that shares freedom and truth and offers the Gospel to the world. But if the Pastors lack the courage to stand up and count the cost, America will be lost.

If the Court refuses to hear the case and Joe Biden is inaugurated as the President of America, our country will be changed forever. Religious freedom will be among the first victims of the new order. I predict Biden will be a place holder President manipulated by powerbrokers on the left such as Obama, Schumer, and Pelosi, until he is removed, and Vice President Kamala Harris replaces him. Imagine a Harris-Pelosi Presidency.

As a possible scenario, add the unthinkable with radicals controlling all three branches of Government. Impossible you say? If the Court allows Biden to steal this election, then those who stole a national election will have no hesitancy to do the same in Georgia, giving control of the Senate to Democrats, who will pack the court enabling them to do as they wish. God help us.

Pastors will either fall in line or be fined or jailed. Cannot happen to a sophisticated nation? Remember history…Germany was the home of the Reformation when Adolph Hitler rose to power. He promised to protect the church and fund the pastor’s salaries, in exchange for their loyalty. A few courageous pastors resisted and lost their lives.

Will God find such courage in America should it be required? Will He find you faithful if it requires your sacrifice? Will he find me faithful? I pray He will!

Rick Scarborough

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