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Have Democrats Become the Party of the Stupid?

By July 17, 2021No Comments

By Jeff Charles –

It appears that the left might be striking back against attempts to prohibit the teaching of certain elements of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the classroom. After at least three states have passed legislation outlawing the theory’s teaching and more poised to impose similar measures, the hard left is planning to push back using the legal system.

One of the most common jokes on the right is that the Democrats are the party of the dangerous, and the Republicans are the party of the stupid. As with most jokes, there was always some truth to this maxim. However, it seems that lately, the Democrats have been veering into “stupid” territory when it comes to the plethora of unforced errors its members have been making.

This isn’t to say that there was nothing stupid about the Democratic Party prior to this new trend. On the contrary, most of their ideas have defied reason, logic, and common sense. But when it comes to messaging, the left has typically been on point. Indeed, conservatives have often lamented the reality that the Republican Party has consistently fallen short when it comes to messaging.

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