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If the 40 million Christians who don’t vote did vote

By September 6, 2021No Comments

Michael Nedderman –

Every American who doesn’t want to see our beloved nation transformed into a godless, socialist, “workers’ paradise” must vote to stop the threat of the systemic Marxism that has infected our society through the efforts of today’s Democratic Party. Sadly, about 40 million Christians don’t take this threat seriously enough to even vote (15 million Christians not registered; the total of non-voting adults, registered and not registered, was 102.7 million in 2016, or 44.4% of the 231.5 million eligible voters).

Those non-voting Christians are a huge percentage (44%) of the 90 million eligible Christians (all denominations). How is it possible that so many who aspire to Christian moral responsibility are so cavalier about such a consequential civic responsibility, one that has such grave moral significance? To comprehend this threat, please read the evidence at every link and compare the differences between party platforms on these subjects: abortion, marriage, free expression of religion, limited government and preserving America’s Christian heritage.

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