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Pharisees Always Miss the Main Point

By December 22, 2019June 23rd, 2020No Comments

Mark Galli, the editor in chief of Christianity Today, wrote an article calling for the dismissal of President Donald Trump that is being widely circulated by the secular press, which has conspired for three years with radicals on the left to resist and remove our duly elected President.  He begins his article with; “In our founding documents, Billy Graham explains that Christianity Today will help evangelical Christians interpret the news in a manner that reflects their faith.”

Thus, it begins an opinion piece in a magazine that was founded by Billy Graham, that reminds us of how often institutions, founded by great men and women, fall away one or two generations later.  Even Franklin Graham has come out strongly against both the invoking of his father’s name by Mr. Galli as well as the attack on the President taken by one of the purported leaders of the Evangelical movement.  Nothing better illustrates the self-righteousness of modern day Pharisees, joining unashamedly with their modern atheist and secular Sadducees in the media, academia, and political institutions.  Interesting bedfellows, indeed.

Mr. Galli assails both the President and more than 60 million everyday Americans who voted for him, of which I have no hesitancy to admit I am one of them.   I remember the choices I had in 2016 and I see them now.  Politics is about choices and often the choices are not ideal.

I can’t add much to what my good friends, Drs. Jim Garlow and Jim Dobson have contributed in rebuttal to this misguided missive from Mr. Galli, that has given the haters of Trump fresh ammo for their war on the saints and this President, who has done more to advance our cause in the war for the soul of our nation than any previous occupier of the office, in my lifetime.

True, President Trump says things that make many Christians cringe at times, but he also does things that advance causes many of us have worked on our entire lives.  I have been involved in urging Christians to vote their values for more than twenty-five years.  I have taught Bible studies to members of Congress, in the State Department, the Pentagon, and privately discipled some of the highest ranking officials in Washington DC.  I have seen the worst of Washington and the best.  The Trump Presidency has given the dedicated Christians there, cause for hope.

Pharisees Always miss the main point.

We did not elect Donald Trump to be the Pastor of our nation.  We elected him to be our President and the Commander in Chief of our nation.  I have often lamented to friends, “I hate what he says…but I love what he does.”  I cringe when our President uses crass language and rude behavior, but I rejoice over his judicial appointments and policies that reduce abortions, provide jobs, free our economy to generate wealth, close our borders to illegal immigration, reform prisons, reduce poverty, rebuild our military and recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel.

Pharisees have always united with the godless to confront those who don’t measure up to their creeds and proper behaviors.  I’m disappointed that Mr. Galli has revealed his disdain for our President, but not surprised.

And Pharisees always miss the main point.

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