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PRRI survey, NY Times columnist’s view of religious right reveals ‘astounding bias’: Richard Land

By Brandon Showalter – Christian Post Reporter

A recent New York Times op-ed fundamentally misunderstands and misrepresents how conservative-leaning Christians think about the state of affairs in U.S. politics, according to Richard Land, outgoing president of Southern Evangelical Seminary.

In a July 9 op-ed by The New York Times’ Michelle Goldberg, titled “The Christian Right Is in Decline, and It’s Taking America With It,” the columnist argued that the statistics show religious conservatives are in decline and, in response, they’re willing to “defile” the nation if they can’t take it over.

The high point of the religious right’s influence, she mused, might prove to be the presidency of George W. Bush, particularly in 2004 when the culture generally agreed with them on the hot-button social issue of the day: same-sex marriage.

Goldberg further elaborated that the percentage of white evangelicals has dropped, citing research from the Public Religion Research Institute that showed white mainline Protestants outnumbered white evangelicals in 2020.

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