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Remarks by Dr. Rick Scarborough for The Return

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Father in Heaven, in Jesus’ name, I come.  We exalt you and acknowledge that You are Lord of all.

In my lifetime we have fallen…

From lifelong marriages to broken homes and fatherless children… IF… they escape abortion.

Over 60 million children did not.

We beg your mercy and forgiveness.

We have fallen from teaching our children respect for authority…

Leading to chaos in our homes, our schools and our streets.

We repent of our neglect.

Regarding entertainment…

We have falllen from decency…

To indecency.

From starting and ending every broadcast day with devotions and the pledge of allegiance.

To 24/7 programming, pedaling smut, mocking what is good and godly and answering only to the question …does it sell?

From rarely hearing profanity…

To becoming a profane nation of vile and corrupt speech.

God, please forgive us.

We’ve fallen from respecting and revering our police;

To despising, defunding and assassinating them.

From safe cities, schools and neighborhoods…

To murder, school shootings and rioting.

From law abiding…

To lawlessness, calling evil good and good evil.

Father, you alone can forgive and heal our Land.

Protesters have demanded and secured the right to march and riot in our streets…

While we submitted to tyrants who forbade us our First Amendment right and Your command to gather as your people.

We were told liquor stores are essential…

Churches are not.

We humbly seek your forgiveness.

Who is to blame for this moral malaise?

No one more than we who call ourselves men of God!  The Preachers…

We are to blame.

We have too often been seeker sensitive focusing on what will build the crowd…

Rather than sensitive to You, letting You build the Church, while we proclaim Your truth.

Hence, there is little fear of You in the land.

What use to amaze us…now amuses us.  We blush at nothing.

Lord, we acknowledge our sin and seek restoration.

Isaiah, your prophet, described our day:

Chapter 3 says You, oh Lord, will take away the prophets and judges.

Isaiah speaks of a day when men without core values will rule.

While those who claim to have values refuse to get involved or even vote.

The people will live under oppression with homosexuality and radical feminism are rampant, until You finally say, “Enough is Enough!”

We live in such a time.  Help us, Oh Lord, we pray.

In Isaiah 5:5, you say: “Now I will tell you what I am going to do…I will take away the hedge and you will be destroyed.”

Dear Father, in Jesus’ name, we beg you to not take away your hedge from around our nation.  We are here today to acknowledge our sin before the world and to ask you to once again visit our nation with a third Great Awakening.

In Jesus’s name I pray.  Amen.

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