Psychologists say that projection is putting your feelings or thoughts onto another person.  Democrats formally opened their public hearings on the impeachment of President Trump on November 13, and never has “projection” been more obvious.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been expressing her “prayers for our country,” and even Congressman Schiff is openly sharing his as he conducted the impeachment hearings.  If I didn’t know better, I would think that these Democrats were genuinely expressing their deeply held religious feelings and seeking for spiritual renewal.  Unfortunately for them, actions speak louder than words, and their actions speak volumes for their disdain of Biblical values.

In 2012, theologian and pastor, John MacArthur, who is anything but a political activist, preached a now infamous sermon, in which he announced that for the first time in America history, one major political party had endorsed Romans 1 as their party’s platform.  You can still access this prophetic message on YouTube.  If your unfamiliar with Romans 1, read it in your Bible.  It describes a condition of the heart that is literally reprobate and unable to discern right from wrong.

These new champions of Democracy and our Constitution have spent most of my adult life seeking to undermine Biblical morality in America, fighting for same sex marriages, the unabated government sanction of murdering pre-born babies through the ninth month, open borders and sanctuary cities.  Because they don’t like the policies and personality of the President, they have conducted a non-top smear campaign of failed investigations and accusations until they garnered enough courage to attempt to remove him from office.

I wasn’t a fan of the candidacy of Donald Trump until July of 2016, when our ministry helped host a gathering of over 1,000 Evangelical Leaders in New York, in which candidate Trump spoke and answered questions in a large gathering of all and in a smaller gathering I attended of less than 50.  I found him to be transparent and very warm, nothing like his public persona.  He answered all of our questions and made several promises that inspired us to support his election, especially when we considered the alternative.

While the Left accuse him of numerous crimes and wrong doings, almost every accusation reflects real misdeeds committed by candidates and office holders they protect and support.  Is this projection?  You be the judge.

Meanwhile, President Trump, while verbose and at times profane, has kept all of his most significant promises.  He is the most pro-life President in my lifetime.  He has lowered taxes and removed mountains of burdensome regulations on businesses and farmers which has ignited our economy.  He moved our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, something other presidents promised but failed to carry out.   And he has repeatedly rebuffed the bullies of political correctness, defending religious liberty and free speech, without which our freedoms cannot survive, let alone thrive.

I often dislike what our President says, but I love what he does.  Christians must remember that we did not elect the President to be our National Pastor but rather the defender of our freedoms, and he is doing a great job keeping promise after promise, unlike many in the political class who say all the right things and then do all the wrong things.

So, why do so many in the media and political class hate Donald Trump, including some in his own party?  Barack Obama made no secret of his intent to fundamentally change America.  He spent eight years seeking to apologize to foreign leaders, especially in the Mid-East for America’s purported transgressions.  He celebrated the same-sex marriage decision by the Supreme Court, overturning centuries of tradition and Biblical norms by lighting up the White House in the colors of the rainbow and ushering in the gender chaos that is now the norm in American society.

Most importantly for the Left in academia, the mainstream media and the Washington establishment, he laid the foundation for globalists who want a one world government.  To accomplish that goal nationalism and borders must be obliterated.  Their hand-picked successor to Obama was his fellow Saul Alinsky disciple, Hillary Clinton, who was poised to finish the job.

Along comes a crude businessman from the Bronx, whom no one gave a prayer of winning, and suddenly their plans and decades of work is in danger of being overturned.

Globalism is what unites so many of such diverse interests, from academia, feminism, climate change alarmists, socialists, Antifa and politicians from both sides of the aisle.  “Make America Great” united those in America who believe in American Exceptionalism and love their country.  But it was a threat to those whose goal is to bring the entire world under one government, led by a select elite.

Stopping this movement toward evil is not the sole responsibility of one man.  In fact, no one, regardless of how talented or smart the person may be, can save America.  The only hope for saving America is the Body of Christ, under His Lordship.  The true church is the solution to all that ails America.

Now, more urgently needed than any time in my life, the church must arise and be counted.  Bible believing pastors must lead their people to return to the front lines and make sure they exercise their privilege to vote on Election Day, choosing men and women who will reflect their values and preserve this blessed gift called America.

Recover America Now is dedicated to finding and empowering Pastors and Faith Leaders who like the men of Issachar spoken of in I Chronicles 12:32, understand the times and know what must be done.   NOW is the time!

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