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The Return Says “Thank You!”

By October 6, 2020No Comments

Dear Rick,

First to say Thank you for being part of The Return.

We know how many obstacles there were to traveling and getting to Washington, D.C. All the
more, your zeal and passion for God’s purposes, for repentance and revival for America and the
the world was manifest.

The Spirit moved! With so many people and ‘moving parts’ it was amazing how everything and
everyone flowed together as one. The Lord truly showed up! And in power. Many have
described as the most powerful event they have ever experienced.

And it wasn’t just us. Just the people who were watching by livestream, on the immediate and
known platforms, numbered over 12 million! And the reports of those taking part in The Return
around the world indicate tens of millions! The Return reached 160 Nations, and was translated
in 90 languages in real time.

Believers on every continent were joined in prayer with us, in worship, even kneeling down
across the world when we knelt down. Believers in Israel and Jerusalem told us that everyone
they knew was watching it. People rededicated their lives, ministers received new hope, others
were healed. People reported telling their resistant relatives to watch, and they did, and ended
up on their knees praying for salvation and weeping. The responses from all over the world
consistently expressed words like “Wow!” “Powerful!” “Amazing!” And others were amazed
as they had never seen an event with so many diverse people together as one… And then there
was the rumbling, and the thunder, and the sun breaking through as we prayed on our knees!
The Lord was there!

This was an appointed event and we believe prophetic and historic. Repentance is crucial for
revival. The ripples, and seeds, and sparks, and fires from The Return will be spreading through the world.

We must now continually pray for that – for national and worldwide revival,
whatever it takes. That will be for the days ahead.

For now, we just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for being part and making it possible. We couldn’t
have done it without you. Praise God for all that He has done!

The Lord greatly bless you!

Jonathan Cahn, Kevin Jessip, and all your co-laborers in The Return Team

Rick Scarborough

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