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What is Critical Race Theory?

By May 8, 2021July 17th, 2021No Comments

What is Critical Race Theory?

The economic conflict upon which Marx built his struggle around failed to gain traction in America. You can’t hate property owners if we all own property (phones, cars, TV’s, etc.)

The Marxist philosophers studied areas in which they could stoke flames of division in hopes of causing a revolution. This study was called “critical theory.” Male v. female, Gay v. straight, Christian v. non-Christian, 99% v. 1% are all examples of critical theory conflict.

Intersectionality is when the more of these boxes you can check, then the more oppressed you are. By the way, facts don’t matter. If a white, heterosexual, married, Christian man presents a documented FACT, that fact is trumped by the “experience” or “feelings” of a black, lesbian, transgender, Muslim woman.
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FEELINGS trump FACTS. Never mind that 43% of white voters voted for a black President in 2008, 75% of the NBA is black and 70% of the NFL is black. Some of our most admired sports and entertainment stars like Steve Harvey, Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington are black, yet America is a systematically racist country.

Facts don’t matter!

Critical RACE Theory is the orchestrated strategy to stoke a revolution through racial conflict.

Critical Race Theory says ALL whites are racists. All white people oppress black people. If you deny that, it is an example of your “white fragility”. Even though you yourself have wronged no one, you owe reparations for events that happened 150 years ago.

Rather than recognizing that individual racists exist, we must conclude that the SYSTEM is racist and must be destroyed. Once the Constitutional Republic is destroyed, then America can be integrated into Global Socialism and the Great Reset.

James Cone was the father of Black Liberation Theology which espoused Critical Race Theory.
Following are some quotes from his book “Black Theology & Black Power.”


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