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Sexual Anarchy



On Monday, I spoke about what Recover America Now does.  Today, responding to the moral insanity that now dominates our news, I want to speak to why we do what we do.  Now, more than ever, the church must speak to the great moral issue of our time.

In Ocean City, Maryland, there is a ten mile stretch of beach that has long been a family friendly summer time get away.  With a recent Federal Court ruling driven by a group of liberated women, that is about to change.  Chief Judge Roger L. Gregory of the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals last week basically said that he was unable to see any difference between a man going topless and woman going topless.  Noting that times had changed, he quipped, “We’re not in the same Neanderthal-type environment” as before.

For decades Maryland has been enforcing an ordinance that prevented women from going topless by assessing a $1,000.00 fine to any female deciding to drop her top.  One year ago, the ordinance was challenged in District Federal Court where Judge James K. Bredar upheld the ordinance, citing precedents and community standards, writing; Protecting the public sensibilities from the public display of areas of the body traditionally viewed as erogenous zones – including female, but not male, breasts – is an important government objective,”


The women who want to walk around topless filed an appeal of Judge Bredar’s ruling, citing the Equal Protection Clause.  Their attorney, Devon M. Jacob, insisted that the law unfairly imposes “sexist ideologies of a very small group of people on the masses.”


A very small group of people who want to impose their sexist ideologies on the masses.  I dare to challenge that statement.  I don’t know who Attorney Jacob hangs around with, but it is not the millions of Americans who are attempting to rear children to lead decent lives and attend churches every week.  I can guarantee you that fact!   The vast majority of Americans do not want to watch half naked women parading their wares around their families while at the beach. 


Add to that the growing attack on moral decency we see elsewhere, like Drag Queen Story Time in our public libraries, or biological boys who declare as girls walking into women’s private spaces.  If you object to a boy seeing your daughter naked in a public locker room, you will be fined or jailed if the left has their way, and they will, if the church and her pastors do not begin speaking out and standing up.


And lest some think this is a purely leftist issue, right now many Republicans are evaluating the legitimacy of transgender Caitlyn Jenner as their candidate for Governor of California.  Meanwhile, the LGBTQQ agenda is racing throughout our military as soldiers are spending as much time in sensitivity training as marksmanship.  The effects of troop morale having transgenders sleep and shower with troops is incalculable.  The purpose of our military is to keep America safe and to win wars if wars are fought.  Not learn how to accommodate those who decide God made a mistake when he made them male or female.


I have been reading through the Old Testament in my daily devotions and find myself amazed at how frequently the Jews fell into gross morality after witnessing the wonderful miracles that God had performed to free them from their enemies, yet I am witnessing Americans committing the same sins.


Baal worship was embraced by the Hebrews and detested by the Lord God.  Baal was a fertility and earth god of the ancient cultures. The Semitic word Baal means lord or master, and the ancient people believed he was in charge of all of nature and humans. He was considered superior to his father, El, the chief of the deities.

There is archeological evidence of animal sacrifices to Baal, and even human infant sacrifices. In addition, since it was believed that the sexual union of Baal and Anath (the goddess of love and war, and also Baal’s sister) or Asherah (his mother and mistress) led to fertility and good harvest, there was a practice of public ritualistic prostitution. A community female represented Asherah or Anath and a male priest usually represented Baal, promoting sexual promiscuity and excusing any reference to the wrongness of such sexual licentiousness.  Sexual diseases were rampant among its practitioners.

Sound familiar. Nearly 80 million Americans have HPV, the human papillomavirus according to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA.  This represents almost one in four people in the United States. So, look around next time you in a crowded room, including your church, someone in your immediate surroundings is likely carrying an STD.  Without a vaccination to prevent the virus, most sexually active people will contract HPV.  There are over 150 different types of HPV.  Some of the strands of the virus can linger in your body for years. And HPV is among the least serious STD’s.  Some, like those transmitted among homosexual men, can be fatal and others like gonorrhea or syphilis can cause drastic harm to the recipient and can impact an innocent newborn.

And yet, when was the last time you heard anyone address such concerns?  And regarding the sacrificing of children to the god of Baal worship?  America has aborted over 60 million preborn babies, many of them conceived out of wedlock as a result of our fascination with fornication and lewdness.  The innocent child conceived during such activity is sacrificed on the altar of abortion and the body parts and organs sold for profit.  God help us!

There is a scripture that comes to mind as I think about this subject.  It is found in Galatians 6:7-8: 

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.

And another passage that also comes to mind found in Psalm 14:1-5:

The fool[a] says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, their deeds are vile;
there is no one who does good.  The Lord looks down from heaven on all mankind
to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God.  All have turned away, all have become corrupt; there is no one who does good, not even one. Do all these evildoers know nothing. They devour my people as though eating bread; they never call on the Lord. But there they are, overwhelmed with dread, for God is present in the company of the righteous.

The silence of the pulpits in America is faint when it comes to these subjects, but Praise be to God, there are some mighty pulpits speaking out, calling their adherents to repent and to humble themselves before almighty God.  I think of Pastor Steve Smothermon, Legacy Church, Albuquerque, N.M.; Pastor Steve Riggle of Grace Woodlands Church in the Woodlands, north of Houston; Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, located in Chino, CA. and Pastor Paul Blair of Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond, OK.  There are others as well, but you can google their worship services and hear the gospel applied to the great issues of our times.  These are men like the sons of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what had to be done. 

This is why I do what I do.  It is time to call the great men of God in this country to sound the trumpet and confront the growing and aggressive hedonism that stalks our country.  If the church does not stand up and sound the alarm, America will be transformed from safe harbor for persecuted Christians around the world into a haven of hatred for those who stand for Biblical values, and persecution will come to believers right here in America, which a generation before sent missionaries and aide around the world. 

We must sound the warning.  That is what this ministry is about. 


Meet A True Patriot Pastor – Part 3


Rick Scarborough: Hi, my name is Rick Scarborough. We’re Mixing church and state, God’s way. As you listen to our podcasts, those of you that do regularly, you know that I’ve been talking for the last couple of podcasts with a pastor who is taking a stand and is absolutely exemplified what pastors ought to be in our culture today. His name is Pastor Matt Trewhella. He’s the author of the Doctrine of the lesser magistrates. We’re going to talk about that today. Matt, welcome back to Mixing church and state, God’s way.


Matt Trewhella: Hey, great to be here with you again, Rick. God bless you.


Rick Scarborough: I know that you have some very fresh examples of how the Doctrine of the lesser magistrates has impacted culture, and you’ve seen it in operation. First, explain briefly to our listeners who are new, what that doctrine is. And then let’s have an example that you can give us that’s fresh.


Matt Trewhella: Sure. The doctrine of the lesser magistrate, very simply as that when the higher ranking Civil authority makes unjust or immoral law, policy or court opinion, the lower or lesser ranking Civil authority has both the God-given right and duty not to obey the superior authority and if necessary to interpose, actively resist or immoral or unjust edict, I’ve written a book about this. You can go to our website if you’re interested, it’s defytyrants.com. You can get the book there.

So, that’s what the doctrine is, it’s been practice throughout the history of mankind, showing its natural demand. It’s found in the holy scriptures. I explain all that in the book. Let me share this with you, just so you understand how it works in time and space. When all this COVID stuff has been going on, a year ago at this time, you may recall [crosstalk] these governors were putting out new edicts every 48 hours. Just south [inaudible] Wisconsin, just south of us is Illinois.

Their governor was wicked like so many of these governors and his latest decree became that if any businessman opens in the state of Illinois before I say they can open, they will now be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor crime.


Rick Scarborough: Right[affirmative].


Matt Trewhella: Well only one county in the whole state out of 102 counties, one county down by the Mississippi River, called Madison county, assembled their county board together and they put out their own decree. And they told the governor that they’re businessmen are free to reopen now. And then they cautioned the governor and the state about interfering with their businessmen and they assured their businessmen that they would use all of their authority in order to protect them. Well, Governor Pritzker, So this is the inner position of the lesser magistrate, got the governor, got the county officials, right?


Rick Scarborough: Understood.


Matt Trewhella: Yep, So governor Pritzker responded in good tyrant fashion.

He told them he would cut off their federal funding, that he would slap them around the room. He had all kinds of threats that were in the media for a week against Madison county. One week to the day after they made their announcement that they’re businessmen could open, the Illinois State police put out a press release stating they would not arrest any businessman in the entire state who opened their business before Governor Pritzker says they can. And the very next day after that, Governor Pritzker rescinded his order. That is how The doctrine of the lesser magistrate works. When the superior authority does something immoral, unjust, the lesser authority doesn’t just blindly obey and join the superior authority in their rebellion, rather they stand for what’s right. They check the superior authority, they commit an act of inner position so that it causes the superior authority to be reminded that his authority has limits. And it keeps order in society, restores the Anarchy that the lawlessness of the superior authority has unleashed in society. That’s the doctrine of the lesser magistrate flushed out right there.


Rick Scarborough: And Folks, you can get a copy of this book at defytyrants.com. Please take advantage of that. Matt, we were talking before we started the formal interview. You’ve had people in your church run for public office. You’ve released them and you’ve preached on that. Talk about that a little bit.


Matt Trewhella: Oh absolutely. Yes, we’ve had a State Senator, a man in our church who ran for State Senate one. We have a gentleman right now, a brother in Christ, running for State Assembly, here in our state, here in Wisconsin. We have two school board members, sitting school board members in our church and we’ve had others who were in public office and aren’t in public office right now. We view it as massively important for Christian men to get involved in civil government matters, including running for office and being a man- and let me tell you, Rick, the vast majority of Christian people I meet that are magistrates, because their pulpits never speak to [crosstalk] that kind of life. They have no idea how to govern any differently than their secular colleagues. So it’s extremely important again, the civil realm is a mission field.


What I hear from magistrates when I sit down and meet with them, they’re like stunned that I, as a minister, I’m sitting down with them, talking to them about these things. As Christian people, as church men, we must, it’s what the church did for 2000 years. And because we’ve abandoned that [inaudible], we used to have election sermons every [crosstalk] year in America, where they’d bring a Churchman into the state house to talk about the role, function, limits of civil government, our relationship to civil government, what a good magistrate’s behavior is, character, all these important things from the law and word of God. And because that all died out about 150 years ago, look what we’re at now. Look what’s happened to our country. We must engage the civil magistrates.


Rick Scarborough: Matt you’re speaking words that are dear to my heart because that’s been my message to pastors for over 30 years, I went to Washington DC to teach Bible study to members of Congress.


I mentioned, I taught in Randy Weber’s office. Jody Hice, also, was a friend, I used his office for Bible studies. But I came back because in Texas, no one that I could identify, was really doing the things you’re talking about.


In our state, we had a crazy election in 2018 in which a God-fearing Senator, whose dad’s a preacher, who stood for all the right things was almost taken out by a crazy guy, a state legislator that that has went on and he ran for president, made kind of a fool of himself in so doing. But [inaudible] he came within 1.3 percentage points of taking out a God-fearing Senator and replaced him with a man who believes none of the things that we Christians hold dear.


If the church doesn’t engage, we lose the country. And I want you to know, I have enjoyed these three interviews. I’ve learned a lot about The doctrine of the lesser magistrate. I’ve been living that doctrine, never heard it articulated like that before. Folks, you need to get the book. Defytyrants.com.

Just a final word before we close Matt, and it’s been so good to have you.


Matt Trewhella: Yeah. You know, here’s something I hear all the time Rick, is that we’ve lost the culture war. Let me tell you, the culture war never ends, ever. And if you think you’ve lost it and you’re going to try to remain indifferent and hide from it, one day, it walks up to your door. [knock-knock] and knocks at it.


Rick Scarborough: Right.[affirmative]


Matt Trewhella: They invade your family. Civil government is invading family government and or….


Rick Scarborough: And I would piggy back on that, the people who tell me, “well, I’m not really engaged because Jesus is coming back, the worst it gets, the sooner he returns”. And I tell them, well, you understand that in places like China, they think that the antichrist is already on the throne. And in fact most of the world is already experiencing persecution. If you don’t get involved, it’s going to come to your house too. We don’t know what Jesus will return, but we know this. We would never called to sit back and to do nothing.


Matt Trewhella: Amen. Well said, thank you, brother.


Rick Scarborough: Well, I love you, man. I look forward to staying in touch and seeing how we can work together. We’ve been talking to Matt Trewhella, the Pastor of the dynamic church, Mercy Seat Church in Wisconsin. God bless you, brother. My name is Rick Scarborough. We’ve been mixing Church and State, God’s way. Thank you for listening. Pass this podcast on to a friend.


Meet a True Patriot Pastor – Part 2


Rick Scarborough: 

Hi, my name is Rick Scarborough and we are mixing church and State Gods way. We’ve been talking in the last podcast to Matt Tuella, the pastor of The Mercy Seat church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he’s been the senior pastor for the past 31 years. He has an interesting resume. If you didn’t hear the podcast last Wednesday, then you need to go back and listen to that. Here’s a man who takes a stand for Christ wherever he is, including in prison and jail, which in the course of 31 years of ministry, he has spent 15 months of that time in jail for his conviction and his faith. He’s authored a fascinating book, entitled The Doctor to the Lesser Magistrates, subtitled a proper resistance to tyranny and a repudiation of unlimited obedience to civil government. My name is Rick Scarborough and I’ve advocated my whole ministry that pastors get out of the pulpit and take their faith into the streets. Well, here today is a man who’s done exactly that and has God ever honored him? 


Rick Scarborough: 

He’s the founder of Missionaries to the Preborn, the first Christian mission in America to target preborn babies as a people group, in the course of his work there, he and his colleagues who have stood for Christ on the steps of abortuaries, including the times that my friend Matt has been in jail. They’ve seen six of the eight abortion clinics in Milwaukee closed and abortion has dropped by more than 60%. What would happen if the church followed his example? Matt, I’m proud to have you back for this second podcast. Thank you for being our guest. 

Matt Tuella: 

No thank you. Good to be here, Rick. God bless you. 


Rick Scarborough: 

I want us to pick up where we left off. We’re just getting into the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates our people need to understand that you’re not out looking for trouble. You’re simply trying to carry your faith into the marketplace of ideas. And you’re standing on biblical grounds. When you get locked up, for instance, for standing on behalf of the unborn, how are you not disobeying civil authority? And doesn’t the Bible teaches in Romans 13, that you should always submit. Talk to our listeners about that and share with us why you’re right and it’s wrong to let them continue without anyone speaking out. 


Matt Tuella: 

Yeah. Well, Romans 13 does not teach unlimited obedience to the civil authority. That’s a falsehood. That’s been perpetrated by church men for many years, very popular in American Christianity. Today. 

Rick Scarborough: 

Yes It is. 


Matt Tuella: 

But when you look at this passage itself, Romans 13, you see nowhere does it say that you’re always to obey the civil authorities there. That’s what we call an active ISA Jesus, where you read into scriptures and that’s not there. The truth is. 


Rick Scarborough: 

Well, the Bible is full of examples too, of men of God who are anointed disobeying civil authority. So it’s amazing to me how people have bought into that. 


Matt Tuella: 

Oh, absolutely. Look at Daniel. He’s told he couldn’t pray. Prayed anyway. Look at the Hebrew midwives. They were told to kill the male Hebrew children, they refused to do it. That has been the standard down through the ages for Christian men, that when the state commands something, which God forbids or forbids something, which God commands, we’re at obey God, rather than the state. We’re at obey God, rather than man, massively important. Look at Paul himself who penned Romans 13 and second Corinthians chapter 11, he talks about, and we knew the governor wanted to arrest him and rather than submit and let him be taken into custody. He craftily fled down a basket on the side of the wall in order to continue his ministry. 


Matt Tuella: 

This whole idea that we’re always to obey is not true to the word of God. You always have to interpret scripture with scripture. Scripture with the big S interprets scripture with the small S. In other words, when you look at a particular verse scripture with a small S, you have to look at it in the whole light of God’s word scripture with the big S. Very important. And so like these examples, we’re sharing shows that no, we’re not always told by the civil authorities. 


Rick Scarborough: 

Matt how’s that impacted your church family? A lot of pastors live in the absolute fear of losing another tither or doing anything that would cause the people to be troubled. How has that impacted the church that you pastor? 


Matt Tuella: 

It rallied the church. Christians are so thankful to see ministers who live out their faith, who are faithful to Christ who do what’s right. So when we’re persecuted by the wicked and we were, and we are, it causes people to be closer together. When you labor together for Christ in the field, it brings a bond between you as brothers and sisters in Christ. A closeness, suffering for Christ is a good thing. It’s part of the history of Christianity it’s found in scripture again and again. And I know most try to avoid it. I certainly don’t go looking for it willy nilly. 


Rick Scarborough: 

You mentioned the example of Daniel. I’ve often preached on that. Daniel didn’t go inside. I’m going to start praying, cause they said I couldn’t. He just kept doing what he’d always done. And it, one day was perfectly at all right. The next day was illegal, but he didn’t stop when he was commanded to stop. I’ve often said, don’t go looking for trouble, but don’t dodge it either because it will come. And of course of ministry. 


Matt Tuella: 

That’s right. If you’re just faithful to Christ, living for him, like Daniel was, it’ll come to you. 


Rick Scarborough: 



Rick Scarborough: 

Let me ask you this. You mentioned in yesterday’s or, I should say Wednesday’s podcast, the impact that preaching had on the civil authorities there in Magdeburg, when the trouble came, the civil authorities handled it correctly, but it was because they were under solid preaching. It’s the same with the founders of our country. They knew the scripture, they had been taught biblical theology in the pulpits, that addressed issues of governance. How do you think America’s fairing in the current state where so few preachers are ever willing to preach on anything regarding civil authority in government? 


Matt Tuella: 

It’s had a devastating effect. Christian men have abandoned the field of civil government. Wicked men have entered that field and now they’ve made their worldview law policy and court opinion. Good has been declared evil. Evil’s now declared to be good because Christian men have abandoned the field. I’m telling you the magistrates, Rick, that is a mission field for Christian men and for Christian Church men to go to them and talk to them from the word of God regarding their role, functions, duties and limits. [inaudible 00:07:11] 


Rick Scarborough: 

At the church, I pastored in Pearland for 12 years, we released our people. I’d be in preaching on the call to civil government. Four church members became board members on the school board transformed the direction of school. And then three of them were elected to the city council, transformed the direction. And in fact, they got so excited about the change they could make, three more ended up wining, running for the state legislature and were elected. One of those is now serving in Congress by the name of Randy Weber, making an impact. I taught Bible study in his office for about 18 months, traveling back and forth. When God’s people are released, they make incredible changes on the environment in which we live. It is so tragic in the final minute, make an appeal to people who are listening to run for civil government and why they should. 


Matt Tuella: 

Yeah, please do. You have to run. Here’s a stature of most men in civil authority right now. They want to be liked. They want to help their resume. They’re consensus men. They’re not leaders in any way, shape or form. So they accommodate the evil. They allow the evil to proliferate rather than just stopping the evil. Like all the COVID nonsense, like the slaughter of the preborn, proliferation of sodomy. They don’t stop the evil, you know what they do with it. They politicize it, they fund it. They don’t just stop. And their duty is to stop it. The inner position of lesser magistrate is so massively important. When you look at as Ezekiel 22, at the end of the chapter there, it talks about, oh God looked for a man to stand in the gap to interpose and he could not find one. And because of that, he had to unleash his judgment upon the land, the inner position of the lesser magistrates, standing in defiance of the rebellion of the superior authority and so important, it can actually abate the just judgment of God automation. 


Rick Scarborough: 

Now, folks, you’re hearing the answer to the trouble our nation is facing. We can sit back and wring our hands and say why, or we can do something. And we’re going to be with Matt again on Monday. And he’s going to, we are going to talk about how he’s done something in Wisconsin and in the state in which he lives. And he’s now impacted the nation with his writings. And we’re speaking out as he’s doing. We’ve been listening today to Matt Tuella, the author of the Doctor to the lesser Magistrates, a man who spent 15 months in prison. And even while there his [inaudible 00:09:46] flourished and he ministered to those around him. My name is Rick Scarborough and we mix church and state God’s way every week, three times. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Thank you for being a part of our Friday podcast as I always do. Go. I want to encourage you to go to a Bible preaching church this Sunday. Worship with fellow believers. God bless you and have a great weekend. 



Its Time to Take a Stand


Do you ever find yourself asking why the crazies seem to be destroying our country and then ask yourself, “who are these people?” and “how can they do that?’ Today I am announcing to the world that I am fed up with it and I am not going to be silent. I listen to the news and then I step out on our front porch and I don’t see anything resembling the world that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Squad, nor Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and this Administration are constantly describing.


If I watch too much news, I begin to think that I am one of the few who disagree. The unified message of those who have the microphone is deafening, but then I take a walk around our neighborhood, or go to stores or my church, and I see a totally different world. I can whisper that I don’t buy what they are selling and the stranger usually, almost universally, smiles and whispers back, nor do I. But we hear so much garbage being spued out that we all fear that we will be trashed if we dare speak out too loudly that we disagree with the narrative that the mainstream media, big tech and their governmental allies are shoveling out.


The guest host of “Fox News Primetime” last Monday, Ben Domenech, the husband of Megan McCain and co-founder of the Federalist, a conservative online magazine, gave an opening commentary that I felt compelled to write down, as it so summarized my feelings about what I am constantly hearing. Let me summarize a portion of it for you:


There are a few elites in America who want to scare you into silence, indoctrinate your children, gaslight you with falsehoods, direct your future and stamp out your freedoms.


They want a national divorce. They want racial strife that burns down your cities. They want envy and segregation and division that pays for their million-dollar homes in Topanga Canyon, (a reference to the home recently purchased by Black Lives Matter Co-Founder and self-avowed Marxist, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, to add to her growing portfolio of expensive real estate. She is profiting quite well as a Capitalist while she publicly advocates for equity and the redistribution of wealth.) Of course, in every nation that Marxism has prevailed, the elite chosen keep their grand and lavish lifestyle while the masses starve, and the complainers are executed or find

themselves in re-education camps where they languish until they conform or die.


Ben Domenech continued his monocoque by stating they want to demolish Mt. Rushmore and make you pay for abortion. They want to force your daughters to compete in sports against biological men, and they want to teach your children to hate cops, the national anthem, the flag and everything you were raised to love and respect. They want to destroy our great American Experiment, a thriving capitalist, multi-ethnic Republic of God-fearing people for all time.


You can hear the whole commentary on YouTube where I heard it after being made aware of it reading an online magazine. He said everything that needs to be said about what is happening while most Americans and particularly, the church sleeps. This is a time when men of God across America MUST speak out and open the eyes of the people of God and empower them to speak. They must be reminded that they are not the minority, it just seems so because so many in the public eye have sold their souls and spew out their false messages so openly.


Christians must respond or America dies. And that is not hyperoliid. That is a fact. Americans are a resilient people because at their core, they are independent and self-reliant. The Christians in this nation are enlightened enough to know that our independent streak is the gift of Almighty God and they are not self-reliant but rather God-reliant. A small, but gritty minority of Americans won their independence after basing their withdrawal from the yoke of British tyranny with a Declaration that all men were created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. They initially failed to live up to those ideals, but over time we have gotten closer and closer to them.


All this talk about systemic racism is a lie, that ignores, among other things, the fact that in the Civil war over 600,000 white men died fighting to free the black slaves. This new way of looking at America represents a new religion, created by men and women to replace Christianity and dethrone God, whom many of them have denied. But the problem with their new religion is there is no concept of grace and forgiveness.


Derek Chauvin’s unanimous verdict of guilt on all three charges assessed against him did not equate to justice in the minds of those who for one year burned our cities, destroyed thousands of small businesses, and desecrated our monuments. They will never be satisfied because their real agenda is an unobtainable utopian

society with equity, not equality, for all. They have embraced the religion of the garden, where Satan deceived Eve into believing she didn’t need God but rather she could be like god if only she believed the lie that Satan offered. Everything would be better. She could make up her own rules and live as she pleased without consequence.


We who know Jesus must shake off the fear of being berated for our views. The vast majority of Americans know that what they are hearing and seeing is wrong, but their afraid to speak up. But I have learned that courage begets courage, and fear begets fear. This is not a time for silence, whether its speaking out about teachers who refuse to return to their classrooms, police being defunded and defamed, or radical climate change advocates who are perfectly willing to destroy the livelihood of millions of men and women who work in the energy sector and related jobs that will also be lost. It’s time to shout out that there are differences between biological girls and biological men that anyone can see, and it doesn’t take a Ph. D. to know. And its time to demand the cessation of giving young boys and girls drugs and hormonal treatments that will alter their lives forever. The Bible says that it would be better to have millstone tied around your neck and be thrown into the sea than to offend one of these little ones, yet we are shooting them full of drugs to make girls out of little boys and we are killing nearly 1,000,000 preborn babies by abortion and forcing tax-payers who disagree to help pay for them every year.


It is time to speak out to the Major League Baseball Commissioner whose knee jerk reaction to move the All-Star Game from Atlanta, which is 60% minority including 50% Black to pearly white Denver which has only 10% Black to protest racial discrimination, costing as much as $100,000,000.00 in lost revenue impacting thousands of Blacks. Meanwhile, the Commissioner retains his membership to the most exclusive Country Club in America in Augusta, Georgia.


And it is time to speak out to the take-over of America by a party determined to use every lever of power at their disposal to make sure their radical ideas cannot be challenged by packing the Supreme Court, doing away with the filibuster rule in the Senate, and making DC a state regardless of what the Constitution says about the matter and what our Founders designed for the city.


In the days of our founding, pastors spoke truth about British tyranny to their people on Sunday morning. Pastors today have an equal responsibility to make sure their people understand the issues of our times and know how to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Pastors have always been God’s

instruments to speak truth to the culture, and we must be up to the task today. Preaching the Bible is of little value if it is not also applied to the current issues of our time equipping the people of God to discern between what is right and what is wrong.


I for one, am fed up with those who are seeking to destroy our freedoms and turn this country into a Socialist/Marxist nation, and that is where we are headed if Christians don’t stand up and speak out.


What was President Biden Thinking?


On Monday President Biden called the family of George Floyd, and like Congresswoman Maxine Waters did a day earlier, he announced to them, and to the world, he knew what the verdict should be in the most visible trial since the O J Simpson trial.  A trial, by the way, that did not turn out as expected. 


Many do not.  But most do not have the most powerful leader of the free world communicating what he expects, as thousands of anarchists planned for chaos and thousands more were planning to riot if they got the “wrong” verdict.  And now we have both a Congresswoman and a President communicating what the verdict should be before it was.  At least the President told the family and the world press he was praying for the “right verdict,” for Officer Chauvin.  He implied that the evidence for a guilty verdict was overwhelming.  Fortunately for him, it was, and the jury system worked as it should. 


Both he and his press secretary were careful to note that the jury was sequestered so his comments could not influence the jury, but what about the rest of the nation?  He is a lawyer, a law maker and the chief law enforcer in our nation, so surely he is aware that in America everyone is considered innocent until they are proven to be guilty of the crime for which they are charged beyond a reasonable doubt.


I watched the tape of Officer Chauvin’s actions numerous times as did most of you, I am sure.  A reasonable person could conclude that Mr. Floyd had consumed enough opioids to cause him to not be able to breathe.  He said he could not breath a number of times before Officer Chauvin used the technique he was trained to use to subdue a suspect at the academy for police officers, paid for by the Minneapolis Police Department.


I am not taking a side here.  I am just wondering why President Biden felt a need to influence the world with his personal observations while the jury was still out.  Was he trying to reduce the city of Minneapolis to rubble if another verdict had been reached or was he just not thinking?  I am not sure which I think is the most unsettling to consider.  Why not just call the family and leave it at that? What did he hope to gain by releasing the content of his private call to the nation announcing the evidence was overwhelming while the jury was considering the evidence?  It turned out that the President was correct, but was he right? If the evidence was so overwhelming why did we have a trial?


Proverbs 18:17 reminds us…The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him.  Now we all have to move forward, thankful that a jury of his peers found the officer guilty on all counts.  He will now pay a great price for his tragic deed.


But I find myself feeling saddened.  As I mentioned in Wednesdays podcast, the Church, including you and I as followers of Jesus, failed George Floyd.  On several occasions he sought help from Christian organizations, but on the day he died he was full of opioids, yielding to an addiction that had plagued him for years.  Now he is dead, but there are thousands of other George Floyds out there and they deserve our prayers and help. 


And there are thousands of good cops, risking their lives every day so we can conduct our lives in relative safety.  Some want to paint every white cop as a bigot using their power to hassle and hurt men of color.  If we buy into that lie, we all suffer.  We cannot allow that narrative to win.  God doesn’t see color, and neither should we.


Office Chauvin was a bad cop, and he will pay for it the rest of his life.  But most cops are good cops, and they deserve our respect and support.  Right now, they need it more than ever.  Why not find a way to express your appreciation to every police officer you come in contact with this weekend.  Many of them will be working overtime at churches, guarding the doors and parking lots so that you and I can worship without fear.


A few months ago, at the height of the movement to defund the police, my wife baked a chocolate pound cake and took it to our County jail with a note of appreciation.  Within the hour our police chief called my cell phone expressing his gratefulness.  Why not try that in your city, and soon? 


Has the Ghost of Rodney King Returned?

Thirty years ago last month, Rodney King was beaten to death by four white police officers after he refused to stop when policemen tried to pull him over after a high-speed chase after he was suspected of driving while intoxicated on I-210 in Los Angeles. George Holliday filmed the incident from his nearby balcony and sent the footage to KTLA, a local news station. The footage showed an unarmed King on the ground being beaten after initially evading arrest. The incident was covered by news media around the world and caused a public furor.  The narrative sold to the public by the media was that angry white cops were once again beating on an innocent and helpless black man.

All four officers were acquitted by a jury of their peers and riots across Los Angeles ensued in which over 50 people died, and $800,000,000.00 damages were incurred, negatively impacting the poorest and neediest communities in Los Angeles for more than a decade as businesses relocated and refused to reopen in the Watts section of LA.

Now, many fear the same violent rage and rioting in the aftermath of the trial of George Floyd, regardless of the verdict.  The fuse to the powder keg has already been ignited by such groups of Black Lives Matter, founded by two self-avowed Marxists, and Antifa, a group of anarchists who thrive on destroying private and public property and creating chaos.  America is bracing herself for the verdict expected as early as this week.

America is in real trouble. Many are demanding the dismantling of police forces altogether while others more thoughtfully suggest we must re-imagine policing, whatever that means.  Some leftist members of Congress are advocating violence. Maxine Waters flew to Minnesota to publicly call on radical activists to increase the confrontations if a verdict of innocence is returned, and remember, in our system of justice, the burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. 

These are not the words of moderation which one would expect to hear from our leaders.  These are words that could unhinge a mentally impaired zealot just waiting such a call to action, unleashing hell on our nation. Such rhetoric from a member of Congress should result in censure or removal from office.  President Trump was impeached for less.

Why was Rodney King resisting arrest and driving at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour to evade police?  Because he didn’t want to return to prison.  His arrest record was as follows:

In 1987 King beat his wife while she slept and drug her out the house and beat her again. He pleaded no contest and was ordered to go to counseling.  He never went.

In 1989 he attacked a store clerk with a tire iron and made off with $200.00.  He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to do bodily harm.  He was sentenced to a two-year prison sentence of which he served one.

In 1991King was speeding, but rather than pull over he sped off at over 110 miles per hour and once caught charged one of the police officers.  He was beaten and arrested for felony evasion, but those charges were later dropped.

In 1992, he was charged with beating his second wife, but she later dropped the charges, and he was released.

Later in 1992 he was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

In 1993 he crashed his car into a wall and was charged with violating his parole and sentenced to sixty days in an alcohol treatment facility.

In 1995 he put his wife out of the car on freeway and sped off injuring her arm.  He was charged with hit and run, spousal abuse and reckless driving.

In 1999 he allegedly injured his sixteen-year-old daughter as well as her mother.  He claimed it was a misunderstanding.

In 2001 he was arrested for indecent exposure while under the influence of the hallucinogen, PCP. 

There were other incidents that were dropped but one thing is clear…The police were very familiar with Rodney King and were aware if his dangerous tendencies especially when high on PCP and/or alcohol.

In similar ways, George Floyd had a history of confrontations with the Police, especially when he was drinking or taking fentanyl and amphetamines. At times, he was uncontrollable, due to his massive size. But as I researched these two men for similarities, I discovered another side to George Floyd.  Yes, he was violent and had numerous run ins with the law, but you cannot look at his life without feeling compassion and wondering what if. 

Floyd grew up in the Third Ward of Houston, not too far from where I grew up, but at the same time a world away.  The Third Ward is mostly African American and a place of much poverty and desperation, where it is tuff to grow up.  Fathers are on every street corner, but there are few Dads who stay married and assist mothers with child rearing responsibilities. 

But for George Floyd, his size and athletic ability opened many doors for him to escape, and for a while, he did.  He starred in both football and basketball.  At 6 foot 6 inches he played tight end for the Yates High School Lions. His team played in the State Championship game falling to Temple High School, another state powerhouse his senior year.  As a two-sport star, he was Co-captain of the Yates basketball team that same year. 

If you grew up in Texas, and especially Houston, as I did, you knew that Yates was always a force to be reckoned with in both sports, and Floyd saw sports as his way out.  He received a football scholarship to play for South Florida Community College where he played both sports and later transferred to Texas A&M University in Kingsville in 1995, where played both sports before he dropped out without earning his degree.

From there his story reads much the same as Rodney King’s, with one glaring exception…interspersed with his drug addiction and criminal history, are his efforts to find redemption in the church and through Christian rehab centers.  It is clear to the discerning that Floyd wanted a better life, but drugs are demonic in nature and once they get a foothold in someone’s life, the only true hope available is a genuine commitment to Jesus Christ.  And that’s where we share some of the blame in the tragedy that is George Floyd.  He repeatedly reached out, but somehow the church, and I include myself in this story, failed to reach back sufficiently, and finally drugs and sin won.

Whether or not Officer Chauvin should go to prison or not is a matter for the jury to decide, but I fear chaos will be our lot either way for there is growing numbers of people who want to destroy our country and end freedom as we have known it for over 200 years.  But one thing is absolutely clear; The church of Jesus Christ is the only hope for our nation and for healing of the divisions that now exist in our country.  You and I have been called to the ministry of reconciliation.  Paul wrote in his letter to the church in Corinth: (II Cor. 5:17-21)

17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. 18 Now all things are of God, who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation, 19 that is, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not [a]imputing their trespasses to them, and has committed to us the word of reconciliation. 20 Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God. 21 For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.

Which brings us back to the question…Has the ghost of Rodney King Returned?  And my answer is yes, we will likely see chaos break out in our streets when the verdict in the George Floyd trial is read.  There are dangerous people waiting for their moment to try to tear America apart, and countless innocent people will be hurt or killed and millions, if not billions of dollars of damage incurred.


Secular Humanism – Part II

Thank you for listening to this episode of Mixing Church and State. We come three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and if you are blessed and enjoy what you hear, please share it with a friend. We started Monday with an introduction to secular humanism.

I was made aware of this subject through my good friend, Dr. Tim LaHaye, who highly influenced me. He is now deceased.  He was the author of the Left Behind series, which millions of people read and movies were made from. He was a prolific writer, writing dozens of books, including his highly read Spirit-Controlled Temperament, used by many churches and corporations for understanding how people thing and react to certain situations.  I used that material in every church I pastored, and gave the Temperament Test to our staff, which always helped us learn how to interact between with each other better.

But when I stread his book Battle for the Mind, my life was changed. That 247-page book was the most eye-opening book I had read until that time, early in my ministry. I was introduced to the Humanist Manifesto One and Two, both of which I’ve read. They’re short booklets, but they summarize the foundational philosophy of the haters of God in our culture today, men who deny God and hate him, though they don’t know him. In this second part, I want to introduce you to a little more of the depth of the tenets of the Humanist Manifesto, especially the revised second edition. And let me remind you that one of the signers of the original iteration of the Humanist Manifesto is none other than John Dewey, who is known as the father of our modern education.

Their first tenet is atheism. They begin by teaching that there is no God, and hence everything that happens is controlled and blessed or cursed by the hands of man, with no accountability to God, because God doesn’t exist. In fact, they simply say, “Religious humanists regard the universe as self-existing and not created.” Beloved, we know that’s kind of the summation of most of the educational materials that our kids are being taught, that you were taught as you came through the educational system. Unfortunately for them, there IS a God to whom they will someday give an account. But it lays the foundation for what we’re going to finally talk about on Friday, which is a one-world government, a social institution without God, controlling the affairs of men.

They write concerning the second tenet, the natural outgrowth of no God, and that being evolution. They are highly critical of people of faith. They tell us that faith is our crutch, that there is no God, we’ve just imagined God. But talk about faith. These people who have no God whatsoever have to explain everything in this world. And I love how they say how it evolved over centuries and billions of years into what we have now.  Out of nothing comes something. You talk about a giant leap of faith, they make it.

In tenet two, they write, “Humanism believes that man is a part of nature and that he has emerged as a result of a continuous process.” I would ask, process from what? Where did the beginning begin? For us, the beginning was God. “In the beginning, God…” But for them, in the beginning, nothing, out of which came something, and now has resulted in everything. What an empty philosophy.

Their third tenet is the natural result. And this is perhaps what drives the embracing of humanism, and that’s amorality. They write, “We affirm that moral values derive their source from human experience. Ethics is autonomous and situational, needing no theological or ideological sanction.” In other words, whatever you want to do, you just do it. Explore every sexual fantasy and craving that you have. When you’ve exhausted the same sex, go to the opposite sex. And when you’ve exhausted both of those, I guess you go to animalistic behavior, even indulging in sex with animals, none of which you can condemn because there’s no absolutes. There’s no rights and there’s no wrongs.

Hence, we began with the gay and lesbian movement in this country. Then it morphed to the lesbian, gay, and bisexual community. And then we just simply called it the LGB community. Ah, but then came the transsexuals. So it was the LGBT community. And then suddenly we found it was the LGBTQ community. And the word we weren’t allowed to use, queer, suddenly became a part of the anacronym. And then we see a second Q, for those questioning, because after all, nobody can know for sure what their gender is. It has nothing to do with biological science.  The party of science, the people of science, the atheists, who are solely dependent on science, can’t even explain the science of their anatomy. And on and on it goes. Well, the Bible has an answer to that. “Professing themselves to be wise, they become as fools.”

This leads to the next tenet, individual autonomy. Now I can summarize that very quickly for you. Whatever you want to do, you just do it. You’re accountable to no one, and no one can tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. You know, beloved, I live in a neighborhood and I have a fence at the corners and edges of my property, so that my neighbors know where they can cut grass and where they can’t, where the borders and end is. It’s often been said, “The best neighbors are those with the best fences,” so that everyone knows what they can do and where they can do it.

This morning, I opened the front door and my sweet goldendoodle known as Harley, named because of my great love of Harleys, came charging out the front door right behind me. I looked at Harley and I said, “Go back inside, Harley, you can’t come out front because there are no fences and no boundaries and you’ll run down the street, get in somebody else’s yard, and perhaps cause some kind of conflict.” We restrain our animals. We restrain ourselves with fences. God so loved the world that he gave us boundaries. They were called the Ten Commandments.

In the Old Testament, he then branched out and gave revelation regarding each of those Ten Commandments and enlightened us as to what we could do and not do. Why? Because he hated us? Because he wanted to deprive us? No, because he wanted us to live successful, good, healthy, holy lives. But in this generation, beginning in the 1930s, these intellectuals got together and decided that God didn’t exist, and so we’ve got to write our own rules and regulations. And they’ve given us now a world of growing chaos.

The final tenet, which we will talk about Friday, is socialism/ world government. That’s exactly where we’re headed, if there’s not a revival in America. And if you and I, as Christians and followers of Jesus, don’t stand up, speak up, and say, “We will not give up.” That’s where I am.

My name is Rick Scarborough and I’ve been Mixing Church and State God’s Way. If you want to know more about our work, go to RecoverAmericaNow.org and pray for us. And be sure to tune in for Friday’s conclusion of this three-part series. God bless you. Have a great week.


Some Random Thoughts About My Country


Preparing for today’s podcast, I have been thinking about a lot of things.  The current news cycle has been a bit overwhelming with the mainstream press so clearly carrying the water for the radical leftist agenda.  Whether you look at the thousands crossing our southern border illegally, including terrorists and kidnappers, dropping children 12 feet to the ground from atop of Trump’s Wall, some as young as one-year old, or see the Baseball Commissioner pulling the Major League Allstar game out of Atlanta over their new voting law costing thousands of low wage employees the chance to make a few bucks, while keeping his membership at the famed Augusta National Country Club, which only the elite few can access.

A passage in Isaiah presents our present state of affairs well in chapter 5, verse 20:

20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!


Let’s examine a few ways that this culture is living out this prophetic passage written nearly 3,000 years ago.

  1. Homosexuality and transgenderism are celebrated while those who call it sin are bigots and subject to legal action.
  2. Demanding that those who vote first prove they are who they say they are is racism. Refusing such restrictions is noble.
  3. Liquor stores and strip joints were declared to be essential businesses and were allowed to remain open throughout the pandemic, while churches and synagogues were declared non-essential and forced to close.
  4. Aborting babies is a woman’s inalienable right, while innocent unborn babies have no rights.
  5. Free in-classroom education is being granted to illegal immigrants while schools have been closed for more that a year for taxpaying citizens in many school districts across America.
  6. Smoking is roundly condemned while using God’s name in vain and vile language is routine speech in today’s America.
  7. Biological males can walk into the private spaces reserved for ladies, but you and I are not allowed to speak out against it.
  8. Liberals declare that they believe in science but ignore the science of biology.
  9. Big tech media giants denounce and ban the speech of Conservatives while allowing Louis Farrakhan and several Islamic terrorist groups access to all their platforms.
  10. Elite athletes refuse to stand for our national anthem in protest of perceived American injustice while they make millions of dollars through their endorsements of products made by slave labor and ignore incontrovertible injustice in China.

I could continue, but you get my point.  Up is down in America and down is up, and something has got to change, or America is finished.

Are you aware of the context of the verse that I quoted earlier regarding calling evil good and good evil?

Isaiah 5 is a chapter in which God pronounces judgement on Israel and Jerusalem, its capital city.  It begins by God reminding the citizens of Israel of what gift their country was by a loving God.  He refers to them as His beloved vineyard and then he asked them in verse 4 a probing question after rehearsing all he had done for them: What could have been done more to my vineyard, that I have not done in it? 

When I read that text, I always think of America and our miraculous founding, which has never been questioned until this generation.  This nation was inhabited by warring factions of primitive people groups whose name is a moving target for Liberals, of which the latest is “indigenous people.”  It is true that many of the explorers who came first exploited the people who inhabited this country, but the Pilgrims and other Christians who followed came with the mission of teaching them about the true and living God, who had enabled Europeans to become the most civilized culture in the world.

We used to celebrate that, and America became the melting pot for peoples of every nation to come and share in common values, making us the freest, most prosperous and most diverse nation in the history of the world.  But today, we are in grave danger of having the God who blessed this nation and allowed her to prosper to such heights, pronounce on us the same judgement which He pronounced on Israel. God first announced that he would remove His hedge of protection from around Israel.  The scripture reads:

I will take away the hedge thereof, … and break down the wall thereof, and it shall be trodden down, And I will lay it waste: 

Then He explains why with a series of woes in the rest of the chapter, all of which are applicable to modern America.

  1. Greed…. Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, 
  2. Vanity… Woe unto them that draw iniquity with cords of vanity
  3. They have no fear of God…Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
  4. They become their own god…Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!
  5. They become connoisseurs of intoxicating drink… Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink.
  6. They pervert justice and persecute the righteous…Which justify the wicked for reward and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!

Never has a passage become more appropriate for what we see in America today.  God’s climatic judgement has not fallen because we don’t deserve it, but rather because He is granting us time to repent.  The question for all of us is will we and will we fight for what is good and holy in this darkening time?

This not a time for timid men and women.  It is time for the righteous in this nation to stand up and be counted.  It is time to speak out on issues that are clearly wrong and for us to understand that the only fear we should have is a genuine fear of almighty God…Not man.

I will!  Will you?


Fairness for All Act

Hello, my name is Rick Scarborough and this Mixing Church and State God’s Way. A podcast that is released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am the President and Founder of Recover America, an organization dedicated to mobilizing pastors and their congregations to register to vote and vote their Biblical values in local, state, and national elections.

In this hour, it is vital for Christians to enter the public square and conduct their civic duties in the United States. Recover America has partnered with thousands of Christians across the country, and we would love to partner with you.

I want to discuss a bill that has been introduced by a group of Republican Congressmen called the Fairness for All Act. I like to refer to this bill as Equality Act Lite. Do not let the title fool you.  This bill is a wolf dressed up in sheep’s clothing –if adopted and made into law, this bill will radically transform our country. This group of Republicans have totally lost sold out our values to appease the radical left. But they should know by now that trying to appease the radical left never turns out well. We have seen their agenda on full display during the Biden Administration the past few months and we know they will stop at nothing until they have accomplished their goal of removing every vestige of God and His word from our public consciousness.

Under the protection of our treasured Constitution, Christians always been allowed to practice their faith freely. The religious freedom is enshrined to the First Amendment of the Constitution.  First because it was central to the values of our Founders and has been essential to Americans since. But this radical legislation, the Fairness for All Act, is an attempt by moderate Republicans who are seeking to placate the Democratic majority, who are seeking to raise sexual preference as a preferred right which trumps religious freedom. Knowing that Conservative Christians in their district will rally in opposition to such a law, the Fairness for all Act will make an exception for Churches, but it will throw Christian businessmen and women under the bus offering them no such protection.  Make no mistake, this bill will only serve to allow the camel to push his nose under the tent and will ultimately unravel our Constitution and strip away our rights followers of Jesus.

Representative Chris Stewart from the 2nd Congressional District in Utah isthe author of the Fairness for All Act.  When introducing this bill, Representative Stewart said,  “it is time to define the federal protections for our LGBT and religious friends and neighbors.”  Stewart should have clarified that he is trying to “redefine” protections for religion in the United States. We know the Constitution has fully protected our rights as citizens to practice religion and freely worship, but for some reason Stewart and his misguided colleagues that cosponsored this legislation think our rights need to be adjusted in order to appease homosexuality and transgenderism. The Fairness for All Act will embrace some of the most dangerous andradical aspects of the Equality Act. The bill uplifts sexual orientation and gender identity to the protected classes in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, meaning that anyone who disagrees with another’s decision to determine their own gender or their sexual orientation, can be at fault under U.S. law for illegal discrimination.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins had strong words to share on the Fairness for All Act. “Religious liberty is enshrined in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, while no provision of the Constitution sexual orientation or gender identity. ‘Fairness for All’ would turn that on its head by reducing religious liberty to a second-class right and making sexual orientation and gender identity equivalent to historically protected classes like race and sex, which they are not. Enshrining sexual orientation and gender identity in U.S. civil rights law would be a declaration that it is morally wrong to disapprove of homosexual or transgender conduct, throwing the full force of the U.S. government against the longstanding positions of all major religions in the world.” [End Quote]

This bill opens the door the elevation of what God clearly forbids and condemns in our country making it illegal for anyone who hold Biblical values to forbid it.  Biological men will be welcomed into our daughter’s locker room if this bill is passed. In fact, not only will this legislation open women’s private space to biological males, but if you have any problem with this happening, this law declares that you are the problem. The proposed law will mandate that you are illegally discriminating and you will face the consequences for having such views. Our fundamental rights and beliefs as Christians will no longer be acceptable in this new America.

In addition, healthcare professionals will face disastrous lawsuits, should they choose to decline patients’ gender-change procedures, hormonal adaptation medicine, or other procedures that are against their values related to gender identity and sexual orientation. The Fairness for All Act will declare that views illegally discriminate against homosexuals and transgenders and must be punished under US law.




The reality is this legislation will impact every sphere of our lives and our children’s lives. Our children’s education will look vastly different – our kids will be taught that homosexuality is normal and good. That they can choose their own sexual identity and if their parents refuse such the parent’s face the loss of their parental rights. One can safely assume that girls will never have fair competition again with biological males choosing to identify as women and capturing all the scholarships and awards that they would otherwise have won.  And if one objects on the grounds that is morally wrong and sinful, there will be retaliation against them.

It is not too late to stop this madness.  Christians, we cannot sit idly by when there is growing wickedness in our beloved nation. Proverbs 25:26 instructs us; “Like a muddied spring or a polluted well are the righteous who give way to the wicked.”  The righteous must stand up in this country because the wicked are convinced that they have won the culture war and they can now mandate wickedness. Our nation is becoming more and more polluted as each day passes. Christians have given way to the wicked for far too long in this country.

That is why I left Washington DC and returned to Texas to mobilize Pastors and their congregations.  We are losing our country while the church seems content to sit on the sidelines and hope all will turn out okay.  It will not…unless we act!

Proverbs 11:10 states, “When the righteous proper, the city rejoices.” This isour hope in this hour. God detests the wicked and their wicked schemes but gives favor to the righteous.” I wholeheartedly believe that God is waiting for His people to stand up against the darkness and bring righteousness and justice back into the public square.

For our listeners in the districts of Congressmen Fred Upton of Michigan,Elise Stefanik of New York, Rob Bishop of Utah, John Curtis of Utah, Mark Amodei of Nevada, David Joyce of Ohio, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, and Mike Simpson of Idaho, I implore you to call their Congressional offices and tell them how dissatisfied you are with their decision to cosponsor the Fairness for All Act. Let them know your disapproval with this action and demand they remove themselves from support of this bill. I also encourage. all our listeners to contact your representatives to ensure that this bill never becomes law. You can find your representative’s contact information at www.house.gov.


Jesus Cancels the Cancel Culture


How far is too far?  How much is too much?  Our society is asking that question a lot at present.  I read earlier today, as I prepared for this podcast, that there can be too much free speech.  That would shock our Founders who bled and died to secure the right of free speech and enshrined it in our Constitution as the First Amendment.

But that’s where our culture is as we approach the Easter season. My intention for this podcast, which will air for the first time six days before Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of their Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, is to remind most and inform some of why Jesus allowed men to nail him to the cross.  I believe this culture we live in is crying out for the good news that Jesus died so that our sins could be forgiven, and our lives made brand new.

Last week our nation was fixated on the firing of Alexi McCammond, who just a few weeks ago landed her dream job as Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue Magazine at the young age of 27.  She left a good job with Axios, where she was the political reporter, and she was a contributor on both NBC and MSNBC.

She has amassed an impressive resume’ to be so young and was to begin her new assignment later this month, but it all came crashing down when several staffers at Teen Vogue, who did not agree with her hiring, found several things online that she had posted when she was seventeen years old that were offensive.  Can you imagine being held responsible as an adult for what you said or posted as a teenager?

Ms. McCammond responded with class, first offering a sincere apology and then, when it became obvious that an apology was insufficient she resigned.  Most normal people, of which there are still many, listened to her apology and accepted it.  They then dismissed her actions as the folly of youth, in which most of us have indulged.  I am so glad there was no such thing as an internet and social media when I was growing up.  Her resignation was a maturity rarely found, and while I disagree with her politics, I’m convinced she has a great future ahead of her.

There was an interesting twist on this story a few days after Ms. McCammond was outed by the staff at Teen Vogue.  The Federalist entitled: Self-Righteous Teen Vogue Staffer Who Got Her Editor Fired Once Tweeted Racial Slurs Herself.  In the article the writer states:

“A Teen Vogue senior staffer, who derailed Alexi McCammond’s hiring as editor-in-chief over racist tweets she wrote as a teenager, has found herself in hot water after it was revealed she had old tweets using the N-word.

Now, (Christine) Davitt is facing calls for her to resign or be fired. With the pitchfork mob now at her doorstep, Davitt made her Twitter account private.”

The Scripture tells of a coming day when everything that we have ever spoken in secret will be made known, making this current surge in self-righteousness pale by comparison.  Listen to what Luke records Jesus saying in chapter 12.

Chapter 12:1ff “Meanwhile, when a crowd of many thousands had gathered, so that they were trampling on one another, Jesus began to speak first to his disciples, saying: “Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.

“I tell you, my friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that can do no more. But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after your body has been killed, has authority to throw you into hell.”

There are men and women in the shadows who relish doling out misery to fellow human beings.  Any public figure who rises above their peers is subject to their venom and many creative people who have much to offer are frightened into silence for fear of offending the mob with their computers at their fingertips, just waiting to cancel someone.  But they are not the ones to fear.  Jesus makes it clear that every word, not just the written word, but every word, is being recorded by God and that we will all give an account of our speech on the day we stand before Him.

In Revelation 20 we read:


11 And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.

12 And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

The Scripture makes it clear that every man, woman and child will one day stand before God and give an account or their lives, including their speech, and He is the one of whom Jesus warned us to fear while he was walking on the earth.  We should not just gage our speech to please the cowardly minions who delight in destroying those they envy.  We should gage everything we do because the all-knowing God is watching us.  And that is a sure warning that we will all be cancelled at the Judgement if there is not provided us a way of escape.

But that is precisely the message of Easter.  Jesus gave up his right to be God with all the power, privilege and might associated with being God, to become a mere human being just like each of us and live his life of 30 plus years among sinful humanity.  He was born of a virgin named Mary, miraculous in conception, making him very much human, but the seed that Mary received was from God, making him very much divine as well.  He was the God-man, who came to show us how to live in this very evil world.

Paul describes Jesus in the follow passage in his letter to the Christians in Colossi.

For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form…adding…

13 When you were dead in your sins… God made you alive with Christ. He forgave us all our sins, 14 having canceled the charge of our legal indebtedness, which stood against us and condemned us; he has taken it away, nailing it to the cross. 15 And having disarmed the powers and authorities (of this world,) he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.

Dear listener, Jesus promises to cancel every sin you have ever committed, in both

deed and word, the moment you give your life to Him.  This new cancel culture does not know what forgiveness is, and they certainly do not offer grace.  They have appointed themselves both judge and executioner, and the world they are creating is a world in which no rational human being wants to live.

Unfortunately, today’s politics is less about the Right versus the Left, but rather the right versus the wrong.  Most conservative Christians today identify with the Right, while increasingly those who embrace liberal Christianity or have no religion at all and who reject God, are aligning with the Left.  For them, politics is their religion, and government becomes their god providing all their needs from the cradle to the grave. Since their philosophy of life offers no hope of heaven in the afterlife, they must create their heaven on earth, a utopian society.  They create their own moral codes, and while they claim to be following science, everything is fluid or changing including such things as gender, which denies the science of biology.  Equality has been supplanted by “equity,” individualism by groups, climate change is their cause to die for and conformity is demanded of all.

Aldous Huxley, in his epic work, Brave New World, published in 1932, described in scary detail, the end product of where the left seems to be headed today. And canceling those with whom they disagree, despite the number of apologies offered, is done without thought of their own judgement coming back to haunt them later.

But the good news of Easter is that forgiveness is available.  God created mankind and made each one us unique.  Consider that each of the almost eight billion souls on this planet have a different DNA, a different fingerprint and one-of-a-kind faces. And God recognizes each one of you and has your name written in the palm of his hand according to scripture.

We will either cancel the Cancel Culture by coming to Jesus and allowing Him to cancel our sins and forgive us of past transgressions, or we will continue down this path of mutual mass destruction.  I choose forgiveness and grace.  That’s why three time each week, I come to you Mixing Church and State God’s Way.


Yes!  There is a Crisis at our Southern Border


Let me begin this episode of Mixing Church and State, God’s Way, by sharing a personal story which happened to me before I left Washington DC in 2018 to start Recover America Now.  Former Special Prosecutor Ken Starr, whom I have had the privilege of getting to know on a personal level, invited me to a special meeting at the Museum of the Bible for a select, by invitation only, seminar on Human Trafficking.  I thought I understood this international tragedy, but like most Americans, what I knew was just a small portion of what is really happening.

I left that seminar with information too graphic and detailed to ever forget or possibly transmit to others.  Human trafficking is slavery that makes that for which over 650,000 men died in the Civil War to abolish, look like a Sunday School outing in comparison.  We were told by former victims and those who have dedicated their lives to rescuing others still enslaved, of the barbaric way that young women and boys are being treated even now as I prepare and execute this report on our Southern Border of Texas, where I have been privileged to make my home since birth.

Next week we will focus all three of our podcasts on different aspects of the Easter story, and the why Jesus had to die to atone for our sin.  Today, I hope to give you just a small picture of the depth of depravity to which many have succumbed, but more importantly, show you how much God loves even them.  And you and me as well.  May this serve as a backdrop to the travesty of what is unfolding at our southern border which the press is either willfully ignorant of or purposely refusing to report on for political reasons.

In the seminar, we were instructed of how in many places human trafficking was replacing illegal drug distribution as the number one profit maker for illegal cartels and organized crime.  It provides unlimited profit for the enterprising black-market entrepreneur who wants to start up his own business.

Let me illustrate how we were told they operate.  First, they must find a willing participant.  Willingness is a fluid word, for they have perfected how to make any captive child or teen willing. In today’s America, because of the breakdown of the family and the disfunction of many intact families, candidates for seduction into sex trafficking are easy to find.  I know families who have had their children stolen while living under there roof.  By the time they discovered a problem, the child was gone.

Using the internet, which many young people have almost unlimited and unsupervised access to, these cunning exploiters of children pose as their friend.  This is the most connected disconnected generation, perhaps, in human history.  When I was a child growing up in the suburbs of Houston, divorce was virtually unknown and every day families sat down to at least one meal together.  Mothers mostly stayed home and coordinated everyone else’s schedules, making sure everyone was on time, properly dressed and their tummies were full.

I know that sounds old fashioned, but it worked pretty well for all concerned.  Now children spend hours in their bedrooms on their computers creating a persona of perfection, while in fact they are living in fear of rejection, hiding from the nameless bullies that stalk the internet.  But the human trafficker knows how to find the lonely and become their best friend.  He knows what the child is searching to find and makes promises that seem like he really cares, and he does, but not as the victim supposes.

A meeting is arranged, a drink is offered that is laced with drugs, the child is captured and put in a cage, where for days they are repeatedly raped, drugged and beaten until they become dependent on their captor for life itself, doing whatever their new Master requires, to escape his rath and torture.  He feeds them just enough to keep them healthy and he often places them in chains.

Once groomed, he then rents them to an endless list of customers for whom they are trained to perform the sex act of the clients choosing.  Typically, they have six sexual partners a day, earning their Master 100-500.00 each or upwards of $3,000 a day six days a week meaning one slave can earn their master $18,000.00 a week on the high end.  But a good trafficker can cage five or six such sex slaves.  You do the math.  We were told in the seminar, if any victim crossed any forbidden line, like asking her client for help, she would be beaten by her Master as the other victims looked on learning their lesson well.  Stay in line of else.

I was sickened by the end of the seminar and it haunts me now as I type the transcript for this podcast.  So, what does all this have to do with the Southern Border?  That is the untold story of what the Biden Administration has either knowingly or unknowingly unleashed in his stated mission to show compassion to the huddled masses to our south, and as we are now learning, from the Middle East, China Africa as well.

Several podcasts earlier, I reported that in the opening days of the Biden presidency he signed 11 executive orders regarding immigration, including 9 that reversed policies put in place by the Trump Administration, that in his final year, after numerous battles in the courts and resistance from Democrats and a few Republicans, had effectively secured the southern border.  That unleashed an avalanche of people seeking asylum and entrée into our country.  Within two months the systems for handling these asylum claims were overwhelmed as more that thousands of unaccompanied minors crossed our border.

Well, that’s not exactly true.  We are now learning from a press corp resistant to report on anything that will reflect badly on their man in the White House, that these minors were accompanied, by Coyotes, men who work for the drug cartels that have now made as much as $400,000.00 for smuggling illegals into our country.  They have a sliding scale depending on where you are coming from.  Certain areas in the Middle East and particularly China, fetch more money.  Only God knows how many spies and terrorists have used this new policy to invade our country.

But worse than that for the children, is the number of girls and women that have been raped, many numerous times, as they have been traveling for many days with these violent and heartless criminals, in their search for a better life.  And how many hundreds or thousands of unaccounted for girls and boys have been thrust into sex trafficking rings once transported across our Southern Border.

Jesus offers these sobering words to those who do such things in Luke 17:2:  It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.

And I would like to offer this paraphrase of His words:  It would be better for the nation that allows such atrocities to be visited upon children to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their collective necks than to have allowed one of these little ones to become a sex slave when you could have prevented it.


Senate Bill 1

The “How to Steal an Election Bill” Part 2

Today I will expand on Monday’s podcast on Senate Bill 1 which is named the For the People Act, but which I have renamed the How to Steal an Election Act, or perhaps more appropriately yet, “Stealing Elections Made Easy Act.” I think you get my drift toward this effort by the new administration to build a legislative fire wall against anyone ever challenging their efforts to redirect of our country toward

Socialism and complete centralized control.


I mentioned the Roll Call article by Lindsey McPherson and Kate Ackley posted on March 6th listing ten things about S1 that many don’t know in the last podcast. Their account was rather positive about the unknowns, but others strongly disagree. For instance, while they listed as preference by the Democrats, who unanimously support the bill, to offer statehood to DC, they fail to mention that such a move would require an amendment to the Constitution. By design that is a heavy lift which has only succeeded 27 times in our history. Such rhetoric is designed to appease their radical base and further divides an already divided nation.


The bill also contains a “no-excuse” absentee ballot, which was used, though hotly contested, in some states, in last year’s election. It was allowed due to the pandemic, but now Democrats want to make it available nationwide. Mitch McConnell, in discussing this matter with Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council in Washington, DC, explained: “A few states do it, but most don’t. It undermines photo ID at the polls and any effort to verify that the person voting is who they say they are. It requires what we call ballot harvesting. That’s the ability to go around and collect a whole bunch of ballots and turn them in for somebody else — fraught with the potential for fraud.


McConnell continued in his interview with Perkins, “It also mandates that anyone can register — just show up at the polls on Election Day and register. There’s not even a requirement that you prove who you are. Tony Perkins added: “The threat to our elections is so serious that 20 state attorneys general have written to House and Senate leadership, urging them to re-read the Constitution and drop this partisan heist. Indiana’s (attorney general) Todd Rokita (R) said it’s absolutely foundational, ‘in the sense that once [liberals] get a hold of the election process, the power of the people goes right out the window. And that’s what they want.’”

This point is fundamental to this discussion of this bill before the Senate. Democratic lawmakers are using the example of the 2020 Election when Election Laws were changed as proof that this is what voters want. But AG Rokita of Indiana points out that in 2020 Legislators didn’t change Election Laws, which the Constitution demands, “The legislatures weren’t [changing the system, liberal judges and unelected officials were. And what HR 1 does is [take] all of those terrible ideas, all of those bad practices, all those things that that caused millions of Americans to question the validity of the election result”

Perkins added… “and make them permanent. One of the Left’s biggest targets is photo ID laws. They argue (nonsensically) that it “disenfranchises” voters to ask for identification — something everyone in America does if they board a plane, buy alcohol, open a bank account, apply for unemployment or welfare or Medicaid, drive a car, get married, adopt a pet, pick up a prescription, buy a cell phone, visit a casino, donate blood, or rent a hotel room. It’s absolutely ridiculous to suggest that exercising our rights as citizens is the one place where Americans shouldn’t have to prove who they are. Yet H.R. 1, in one fell swoop, (and I would add SB 1) would make that totally illegal.”

Even in Mexico, Rokita points out, the government asks people to show a specific voting card that not only includes a picture — but fingerprints! He stated, “So this borderline third-world country is doing 100 percent more than we currently are in America.”

Listeners don’t be confused by the title they are using. HR 1 and S1 are the same bill. HR stands for the House of Representatives and S stands for Senate. The important thing to focus on is this is what is being discussed in Washington while you and I try to earn a living and provide for our families. And it is why Pastors and concerned Christians must be vigilant and involved in politics if we want to remain a free people. Satan is the arch enemy of God and since the garden of Eden he has been seeking to dethrone God. Those of us who study and know the Scripture understand that a day will come, when God will remove His protective covering and allow Satan to have his way for season, and that season may be upon us. If so, there is nothing that we can do stop him, but we aren’t privileged to know when that day will come. Our duty is to remain faithful and to oppose the works of darkness until God says otherwise.

That’s what this program and my life is about…staying vigilant and fighting for the right to remain free so that churches can conduct God’s business of evangelizing the world. In Communist countries, Christians are persecuted, executed, or driven underground. In this Constitutionally protected nation, churches of every kind have thrived for two centuries, along with every other religious group, many having fled persecution in other nations.

But now, this very hour, there are those in power who want to subvert our elections so that those of us who still believe in the goodness of America and conserve our heritage and embrace it will never control the levers of power again. I have often repeated that there was much about Donald Trump which I disliked. There were many times that I was repulsed by his treatment of both enemies and friends whom he felt had momentarily failed him. He was too verbose and bellicose at times, but one thing was very clear…He loved America and he truly believed it was the greatest nation on the earth. I too, believe that and I supported him because of two things: First, his policies were good for America, and secondly, I have yet to meet any person in politics or otherwise, who were perfect. And his policies and their effect on America and the world far surpassed his personality flaws.

But now he is out, and others are in, and America is sinking into darkness with rapidity that no one thought possible. If the people of God do not wake up and do something quickly, America will be lost and the last best hope for freedom in the world will be lost.

My good friend, Debbie Wuthnow with IVoterguide.com sent me the following on this disastrous piece of legislation which succinctly sums up what this bill will do and what we must do. She wrote:

Last week I emailed you about something important to us all. But today I need to say one more thing.

I mentioned H.R. 1, the radical Left’s proposed “election reform” in which Washington, D.C., will seize control of elections from the states, obscure election transparency so that many citizens will have little confidence in the election process and outcomes and destroy any way of making sure each legitimate voter gets only one vote. It’s the federal government grabbing power from the states. It’s the elite Left grabbing power from grassroots conservatives.

H.R. 1 and similar proposed laws grab power away from you by tilting election rules—run by Washington, D.C.—to make voter fraud easier, favor leftist special interests, and legalize new voters more likely to vote for the policies of bigger government dedicated to one particular agenda.

For example, H.R. 1 would mandate universal mail-in ballots. It would eliminate state laws that check people appearing at polling places against lists of registered voters. It would mandate registering voters on Election Day rather than verifying if they are legally qualified to vote and make it difficult or impossible to discover or disqualify unlawful voters.

Further, H.R. 1 would ban state voter ID laws. It would mandate “ballot harvesting,” a practice of having third parties collect multiple, often massive, numbers of ballots with minimal security over whether those ballots reflect the intent of the voters or were even in the hands of those whose names are on the ballots. The list goes on.

In short, the law would change the way elections are conducted in America.

Those favorable to the political Left would seize power over the process of choosing officeholders that will govern you and your family.

But here’s the “one more thing” I didn’t say—yet something you need to know.

You MUST, and you CAN, stop them from seizing this power. How?

FIRST, contact your U.S. Senator and voice your opinion of this law. It has passed the House of Representatives and is now in the Senate.

SECOND, call your state legislators and governor and ask them what pre-emptive actions they are taking in anticipation of passage of H.R. 1.

What will you do?


S 1; “The For the People Act”

How to Steal an Election Act


This week, we are going to concentrate on Senate Bill 1, titled “The For the People Act.”  As we try to wrap our arms around this legislation, the obvious first question one must ask is, for what people?  Once you understand what this legislation entails, you will be startled to realize that many who lead our country actually believe it is a good idea for our country.  But when one party commands both houses of the Legislature and the Executive branch as well, they can define what “for the people” means any way they please.  What you are about to hear isthat the radical left in our country believes ‘we the people,’ means them and if you disagree, then you can either get on board or get crushed.

A few podcasts earlier I reminded our listeners that in China, the Communist Party runs everything, and the Chinese people are either members of the CCP, Chinese Communist Party, or they are listed as dissidents and subject to being sent off to reeducation centers or worse.  Who among my generation can forget the scene in Tiananmen Square on June 4th in 1989 when thousands of Chinese students and others stood up to tyranny, hoping for support from the West that never occurred? The movement was crushed and suffering and imprisonment followed.

Today in America, we are moving toward a one-party rule similar to China, the only difference being in the way it was delivered.  In China one part rule came with an iron fist.  In America it is coming in a velvet fist.  This legislation being rammed through Congress, like so much that is happening during the first 100 days of the Biden administration, is designed to make it more and more difficult for those who reject the dogma of the Left, to ever again win an election, resulting in either being a member of the Democratic Party or be a dissident.  This cannot be good for freedom.

Let’s begin looking at this legislation which has already passed through the Democratic controlled house on a straight party line vote without a single Republican vote.  It is now before the Senate and Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republican minority called it “… the worst bill I’ve observed in my time in the Senate.”  That’s saying something coming from the longest serving Republican Leader in history, having served for over 36 years.

While the Constitution grants a lot of latitude for individual states to regulate state and federal elections, the ultimate authority rests with the Congress.  Article 1,

Section 2 clause directs and empowers states to determine the “Times, Places, and Manner” of congressional elections, but they are subject to Congress’s authority to “make or alter” state regulations.

That is the intent of what the Democrats are doing without a single Republican vote, although they hold the thinnest of margins in the House and are split evenly in the Senate.  They are choosing to ignore tens of millions of voters’ wishes as expressed by their duly elected representatives, and they are manipulating the system to assure they will remain a permanent majority, barring an awakening of God’s Church.  You who disagree with their agenda, as I do, and refuse to join their party, will soon become the dissidents in America. God Help Us!

But there is much more you should learn.  Mitch McConnell explained what’s happening to my good friend, Tony Perkins, when he called it… “a blatant takeover of American politics by the Left…They haven’t held back at all,” he warned. “This is a dramatic federalization of the way we do elections.” Their goal is to, “construct a system nationwide that benefits the Left in every election.”

Tony lamented, “that affects free speech, associations, and the constitutional authority of every state in the union. Organizations like our own FRC Action will be affected, political donors will be affected, the common-sense safeguards and processes that have protected our democracy will be affected.”

I would add my own lament to Tony’s.  When those who profess to be pro-life and pro-family win elections, they always want to play nice and never use their acquired power to defund the pet projects of the left, like Planned Parenthood who use their federal grants to kill babies, harvest their organs for profit and are now marketing sex change operations.  Many Republicans including many Christian leaders criticized Donald J Trump because he was gruff and at times too belligerent.   Some even worked in efforts to defeat him or chose to set on the sidelines and not vote.

Well, Trump is gone and look what we got in his place.  A soft-spoken tyrant about to kill our free republic unless God chooses to save us, and frankly, who could blame Him if He does not.  COVID 19 revealed how quickly Christians would exchange their freedoms for personal safety, and a stimulus check.

Roll Call is a newspaper and website published in Washington, D.C., United States, when the United States Congress is in session, reporting news of legislative and political maneuverings on Capitol Hill.  They have been around since 1955.

In an article posted by Lindsey McPherson and Kate Ackley on March 6th, they discuss the provision in this 600 plus page bill which contains a non-binding provision advocating for making DC the 51st State, assuring Democrats of two more Senators and at least one more Representative while placing our national capitol and all of our federal offices and departments on state grounds, denying the intents and stated wishes of our Founders.

Another provision in the “For the People” Act would be the bill’s requirements that every state offer same-day and automatic voter registration.  There are enough ways to exploit this provision for gathering illegal ballots as needed on Election Day to keep us here all day, but a lesser-known provision would allow states to start registering minors to vote, as long as they are at least 16 years of age.

Democrats argue it be a way to sign up future voters while Republicans argue it opens more doors for voter fraud.  There is room for argument on this point of disagreement, but in a one-party rule system, there is no debate.  Supporters are already lining up registration tables at high schools and colleges, viewing them as convenient for enlisting voters as the department of motor vehicles is registering your car or truck.

Enough for now.  We will share more about this dangerous bill on Wednesday, including facts you simply will not believe.  Tell your friends to check us out.

Please pray for America and pray for this ministry.  There are many who do not like for preachers to speak with such forthrightness and many believe that preachers have no place in politics.  I disagree, and that’s why we Mix Church and State God’s Way every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Yes!  There is a Crisis at our Southern Border


Let me begin this episode of Mixing Church and State, God’s Way, by sharing a personal story which happened to me before I left Washington DC in 2018 to start Recover America Now.  Former Special Prosecutor Ken Starr, whom I have had the privilege of getting to know on a personal level, invited me to a special meeting at the Museum of the Bible for a select, by invitation only, seminar on Human Trafficking.  I thought I understood this international tragedy, but like most Americans, what I knew was just a small portion of what is really happening.

I left that seminar with information too graphic and detailed to ever forget or possibly transmit to others.  Human trafficking is slavery that makes that for which over 650,000 men died in the Civil War to abolish, look like a Sunday School outing in comparison.  We were told by former victims and those who have dedicated their lives to rescuing others still enslaved, of the barbaric way that young women and boys are being treated even now as I prepare and execute this report on our Southern Border of Texas, where I have been privileged to make my home since birth.

Next week we will focus all three of our podcasts on different aspects of the Easter story, and the why Jesus had to die to atone for our sin.  Today, I hope to give you just a small picture of the depth of depravity to which many have succumbed, but more importantly, show you how much God loves even them.  And you and me as well.  May this serve as a backdrop to the travesty of what is unfolding at our southern border which the press is either willfully ignorant of or purposely refusing to report on for political reasons.

In the seminar, we were instructed of how in many places human trafficking was replacing illegal drug distribution as the number one profit maker for illegal cartels and organized crime.  It provides unlimited profit for the enterprising black-market entrepreneur who wants to start up his own business.

Let me illustrate how we were told they operate.  First, they must find a willing participant.  Willingness is a fluid word, for they have perfected how to make any captive child or teen willing. In today’s America, because of the breakdown of the family and the disfunction of many intact families, candidates for seduction into sex trafficking are easy to find.  I know families who have had their children stolen while living under there roof.  By the time they discovered a problem, the child was gone.

Using the internet, which many young people have almost unlimited and unsupervised access to, these cunning exploiters of children pose as their friend.  This is the most connected disconnected generation, perhaps, in human history.  When I was a child growing up in the suburbs of Houston, divorce was virtually unknown and every day families sat down to at least one meal together.  Mothers mostly stayed home and coordinated everyone else’s schedules, making sure everyone was on time, properly dressed and their tummies were full.

I know that sounds old fashioned, but it worked pretty well for all concerned.  Now children spend hours in their bedrooms on their computers creating a persona of perfection, while in fact they are living in fear of rejection, hiding from the nameless bullies that stalk the internet.  But the human trafficker knows how to find the lonely and become their best friend.  He knows what the child is searching to find and makes promises that seem like he really cares, and he does, but not as the victim supposes.

A meeting is arranged, a drink is offered that is laced with drugs, the child is captured and put in a cage, where for days they are repeatedly raped, drugged and beaten until they become dependent on their captor for life itself, doing whatever their new Master requires, to escape his rath and torture.  He feeds them just enough to keep them healthy and he often places them in chains.

Once groomed, he then rents them to an endless list of customers for whom they are trained to perform the sex act of the clients choosing.  Typically, they have six sexual partners a day, earning their Master 100-500.00 each or upwards of $3,000 a day six days a week meaning one slave can earn their master $18,000.00 a week on the high end.  But a good trafficker can cage five or six such sex slaves.  You do the math.  We were told in the seminar, if any victim crossed any forbidden line, like asking her client for help, she would be beaten by her Master as the other victims looked on learning their lesson well.  Stay in line of else.

I was sickened by the end of the seminar and it haunts me now as I type the transcript for this podcast.  So, what does all this have to do with the Southern Border?  That is the untold story of what the Biden Administration has either knowingly or unknowingly unleashed in his stated mission to show compassion to the huddled masses to our south, and as we are now learning, from the Middle East, China Africa as well.

Several podcasts earlier, I reported that in the opening days of the Biden presidency he signed 11 executive orders regarding immigration, including 9 that reversed policies put in place by the Trump Administration, that in his final year, after numerous battles in the courts and resistance from Democrats and a few Republicans, had effectively secured the southern border.  That unleashed an avalanche of people seeking asylum and entrée into our country.  Within two months the systems for handling these asylum claims were overwhelmed as more that thousands of unaccompanied minors crossed our border.

Well, that’s not exactly true.  We are now learning from a press corp resistant to report on anything that will reflect badly on their man in the White House, that these minors were accompanied, by Coyotes, men who work for the drug cartels that have now made as much as $40,000.00 for smuggling illegals into our country.  They have a sliding scale depending on where you are coming from.  Certain areas in the Middle East and particularly China, fetch more money.  Only God knows how many spies and terrorists have used this new policy to invade our country.

But worse than that for the children, is the number of girls and women that have been raped, many numerous times, as they have been traveling for many days with these violent and heartless criminals, in their search for a better life.  And how many hundreds or thousands of unaccounted for girls and boys have been thrust into sex trafficking rings once transported across our Southern Border.

Jesus offers these sobering words to those who do such things in Luke 17:2:  It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.

And I would like to offer this paraphrase of His words:  It would be better for the nation that allows such atrocities to be visited upon children to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their collective necks than to have allowed one of these little ones to become a sex slave when you could have prevented it.


There is a Whole Lotta Shaking Going On

The Dangerous Equality Act


Our last few podcasts have been rather pointed toward the unlawful and nation-killing actions of our new Commander in Chief. Beginning today I will be presenting several podcast issuing warnings of what is coming if we do not repent and seek God as a nation. The so-called Equality Act being rammed through Congress by the Biden Administration is the greatest assault on Religious Liberty since the days of his former boss, Barack Obama. I will say much about this godless bill in the coming podcasts. It has nothing to do with equality and everything to do with forcing Christians to embrace and promote the LGBT&Q agenda. Sadly, many who attend churches are following their false prophet pastors and are lining up in support. I will never support such legislation because of my commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and to the inerrancy of Scripture.


There is a passage in Hebrews which is sobering, but relevant to our discussions this week. Let me read it to you:


Hebrews 12:25-29 says, “See to it that you do not refuse him who speaks. If they did not escape when they refused him who warned them on earth, how much less will we, if we turn away from him who warns us from heaven? 26 At that time his voice shook the earth, but now he has promised, ‘Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.’ 27 The words ‘once more’ indicate the removing of what can be shaken—that is, created things—so that what cannot be shaken may remain. 28 Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, 29 for our ‘God is a consuming fire.’”


God shook the earth when He gave Moses the law, which shook the foundations of the earth at the time. After the flood, God started the earth’s populations for the second time based on certain basic codes of behavior, but by the time of Moses, the world was ruled by tyrants under the basic codes of raw power. The Ten Commandments and the many attending rules and codes of proper conduct unveiled through Moses and recorded in Leviticus, came with a promise, repeated over and over in the book of Deuteronomy, that if obeyed would bring blessings and if disobeyed would bring curses.


Read Deuteronomy 28 for a concise listing of Blessings and Curses that come with obedience and disobedience of God’s laws. There is no greater warning to America today than found in verse 12 when He promised to Israel: “The LORD will open the heavens, the storehouse of his bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands. You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none.”


We are now over $30 Trillion in debt as a nation. An amount which cannot be repaid without inflating our money which means decreasing your wealth or defaulting on all your loans and the Government seizing all assets and assigning to every American their dwelling place, their job and their future, coordinated from a Centralized one-party rule Tyrant. And who but God knows if that is precisely why China has risen so fast in so many ways, exceeding us in population, naval strength, artificial intelligence with so many warfare implications and soon to surpass us as the largest economy in the world? They hold much of the debt that we owe, making us their slaves.


Our Founding Fathers, beginning with George Washington, understood this principle of blessings and curses. Most Americans are completely unaware that the George Washington Monument has a Bible inside the Cornerstone signifying the importance of Christ in this great man’s life and printed on the cap of the Monument is the Latin phrase: “Laus Deo,” which translates to, “Praise be to God.”


How far we have fallen as a people. And I fear that God is about to shake the very foundations of our country and our world if we who know Him do not stand up and speak out to the direction those who oppose our Christian faith and values are

taking this country now.


Let me introduce you to the truth about the so-called Equality Act, which has already passed the House and is now before the Senate, being promoted by President Biden as central to his overall agenda. The technical name of the legislation is H.R.5 – Equality Act. you can read the following definition of the bill online at www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/5

This bill prohibits discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity in areas including public accommodations and facilities, education, federal funding, employment, housing, credit, and the jury system. Specifically, the bill defines and includes sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity among the prohibited categories of discrimination or segregation.


The bill expands the definition of public accommodations to include places or establishments that provide (1) exhibitions, recreation, exercise, amusement, gatherings, or displays; (2) goods, services, or programs; and (3) transportation services.


The bill allows the Department of Justice to intervene in equal protection actions in federal court on account of sexual orientation or gender identity.


The bill prohibits an individual from being denied access to a shared facility, including a restroom, a locker room, and a dressing room, that is in accordance with the individual’s gender identity.


In a Commentary for the Epoch Times, by Scott Powell, entitled The Equality Act: The Next Step for the Cancel Culture? he writes: “if it passes it could codify social arrangements in pursuit of equal outcomes that are unnatural for the vast majority of Americans, changing society’s norms in unacceptable ways—bringing on greater division and opening a new front in the cultural civil war.” He continues: “As it is currently written, the Equality Act could designate any place that the public gathers, such as schools, healthcare organizations, private establishments and perhaps even churches as “public accommodations.”

Any such institution that is a public accommodation could be forced to accept the government’s positions and mandates about sexual orientation and gender identity. This would be highly invasive and wide-ranging, nullifying people’s First Amendment rights and threatening every day speech and parental rights, and even resulting in people being fined or losing their jobs for using the wrong name or pronoun.

The Equality Act could legally mandate that we allow boys in girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms. The Act’s transgender implications could destroy female sports by allowing transgendered biological males to compete in and dominate girls’ sports.”

My good friend, Mat Staver, who has argued cases before the Supreme Court on behalf of Religious Liberty, calls it “the most extreme threat to religious freedom, free speech, privacy and women’s rights ever proposed by Congress.”

We will discuss the specifics next time. In the meantime, please share this information with everyone you can and call your Senators to express your opposition to this wicked legislation before it to late. And before the great shaking begins.


Poppa Biden is Here


Today I come to you with a heavy heart.  My beloved nation is in great peril and it seems few are aware and fewer determined to prevent it.  I pray you listen carefully for the next few minutes as we Mix Church and State God’s Way!


On Thursday evening, and the 51st day of America’s “unity” President’s tenure, he delivered his first national address.  Many hoped he might also take questions for the first time but that was not to be.  Apparently his handlers thought it best that he did not try to explain why he opened our southern border, reversing the Trump border policy and announced to the entire Hispanic population that they were welcomed to invade our country.  Or answer for any of the other radical ideas he has implemented by Executive Orders that threaten to bankrupt our country and destroy free market capitalism.

The unity President took the time to trash President Trump and the 75 million voters who voted for him, insisting that he inherited a mess and that President Trump had done woefully little to provide protection for people from the deadly Corona Virus.  But have no fear, he effectively said, Poppa Biden is Here, and Poppa Biden knows what is best for America.

Doling out trillions of dollars of cash, rewarding Federal employees with as much as $21,000.00 each and making it more rewarding for workers to stay home than to work.  His 1.9 trillion-dollar stimulus plan and his plan to federalize all future elections with his HB1 bill euphemistically called the Peoples Act, assures that Democrats will never lose another election as he takes election law out of the hands of state governments and federalizes all future elections.  He is intent on making America a Central Party Rule nation with every citizen depending on the Federal Government for everything they need.

In China you have the option to join the CPC, the Communist Party of China or be a dissident.  In America you will soon have the option to join the Democratic Party of America or be a dissident, if President Biden and his allies have their way.  They did an end run around the rules of the Senate to pass the Stimulus bill, using something known as Reconciliation, to avoid the 60-vote rule for such bills, and passed the falsely called COVID Relief Bill without a single Republican vote.

Falsely called because less than 9% was targeted for COVID Relief, while the remainder went to special interests and special projects favored by the Majority Party.  And the 1.9 Trillion Dollar price tag is more than half of the total receipts of the Federal Treasury last year, which was billions of dollars short of what was actually spent adding to our more than 30 Trillion Dollar deficit.

The reason why President Biden is avoiding press conferences is there is no reasonable explanation for what he is doing other than the complete destruction of our free country.  But Poppa Biden knows what is best for America!

One gets the sense that the Left got complacent with their goal of Centralized Government under President Obama with the passage of Obama Care coupled with their expectation of the coronation of President Hillary.   They were shocked with Donald Trump’s election and his total reverse of direction with his America First Agenda, that was so successful in spite of his personality flaws.

They began attempting to undo his election before he ever took office.  Who can forget the march of thousands of pro-abortion women on the streets of DC, wearing vagina hats, protesting his election on the day of his inauguration?  For three years he was accused of being a Russian agent, an investigation based largely on information obtained by the Clinton campaign and supplied to the FBI.  He was then impeached and exonerated only to be impeached again after he left office.

There is nothing the left fears more than another Trump Presidency.  Using every tool at their disposal, they got Biden elected (I prefer to say selected) and they are determined to finalize the deal this time around.  In less than two months they have damaged or destroyed every positive accomplishment of the Trump Presidency and we are plunging toward a totalitarian regime.

Within days of Biden’s election, the Keystone Pipeline was cancelled, our southern border was open with our immigration policies in chaos.  Biden reentered the US in the Paris Climate Accord, He reopened negotiations with Iran and the Trump

Middle East Peace treaties are being revisited.

Now we must examine the new morality that is about to be imposed on us all.  The innocent sounding Equality Act is moving through the Senate.  To expedite its passage, Senator Chuck Schumer invoked Rule 14 bypassing committees to bring the bill to the floor and is about to sneak it through in the middle of the night due to the contents of the bill and avoiding a 60-vote filibuster.

HR 5 is not about equality.  It expressly states that no religious exemptions will be allowed as it elevates LGBT&Q and abortion for everyone.  Mat Staver of Liberty Council calls it the most expansive freedom crushing bill to ever come out of Congress.  In laymen’s terms what this bill will demand is the complete submission of every American to the altar of aberrant sex and the murder of the unborn.  No longer may Christians refuse to participate on the basis of religious freedom as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution.  If a qualified transgender applies to be the janitor of your church you cannot refuse him or her the position based on your religious convictions without being subject to a lawsuit which you will likely lose.  And if a same-sex couple requests me or any other Pastor to marry them, our refusal will be subject to a lawsuit and/or fines or both.

If there is not an immediate outcry to stop these wicked bills, the full power of the Federal Government will soon be available to force Christians to deny their conscience or face penalties and possible imprisonment.  That is the essence of a totalitarian regime.  It is at the door.

So, what can we do?  We can call our representatives in the House and Senate and demand that they fight these two bills.  Having done that, we must pray and unite.  If we stand in solidarity for our convictions, we become much harder to retaliate against, but if they can pick us off one at time, we are doomed.  We are left to see what Poppa Biden and his allies thinks is best for America.  One thing is for sure…Poppa Biden is Here…and that’s why I am Mixing Church and State God’s Way!



Andrew Cuomo and the Dilemma of the Progressives


No one in America profited more from the Corona Virus pandemic than New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.  The pandemic allowed the Progressive New York Governor to rise above the crowd and present himself as an expert on how to run not only America’s fourth most populous state with America’s most beloved city, New York City, but the country as well.  At the height of the virus, he held dueling press conferences with President Trump as a fondling press presented the liberal governor as the perfect antidote to the hated Donald Trump.


Governor Cuomo was bold, forthright and unequivocating in his handling of the pandemic and New York’s sophisticated economy.  Suddenly, there was talk of his rising stock in the Democratic Party as the person to lead them into the White House in the future.  And most importantly, he wasn’t Trump.  The press loved him.  They despised Trump and Cuomo wasn’t shy about trashing the President’s handling of the pandemic.


He was on top of the world and in August he took advantage of his growing fame and signed a book deal which landed him $783,000.00 in advance for his trouble, according to news reports.  His book entitled, American Crisis, landing him on the best seller list, as he boldly presented his wisdom on how to handle such crises.


For his handling of the press conferences, on November 21st it was announced that Andrew Cuomo was to receive an International Emmy for his ‘”Masterful” COVID-19 Briefings. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was singled out for the International Emmy Founders Award for his public addresses on the coronavirus crisis.


CNN broke all protocols allowing one of their lead commentators, Chris Cuomo, the brother of Andrew, to regularly invite his brother to appear on his show.  The two of them laughed and joked about such national headlines as who was Mom’s favorite.  Chris cast all professionalism to the wind as he used his international platform to elevate his brother’s political career, all the while lambasting President Trump’s handling of the pandemic every chance he got.






The first crack in Governor Cuomo’s armor came with the accusation leveled by Janice Dean, senior Meteorologist for Fox News.  According to Spectrum News, her in-laws were both victims of the virus. Spectrum News reported that Dean blamed Governor Andrew Cuomo’s March 25 executive order for her in-laws’ contracting COVID-19.


The order issued by Cuomo disallowed nursing homes from refusing to admit or readmit a patient solely on the basis of a positive COVID-19 test.


In emotional testimony, Dean told lawmakers about her in-laws.

“Mickey and Dee Newman who were married 59 years and raised 3 children. They lived in the same four-story walk-up apartment in Brooklyn for almost 6 decades,” she said. “My husband Sean became a firefighter just like his father.”


They ended up in separate facilities.  According to Dean, when her father-in-law’s nursing home went into quarantine in mid-March, the family could no longer visit. At one point, he was moved to a separate floor so that new patients could be accommodated on the floor he had been living on. Dean believes some of these new patients were recovering from COVID-19, “thanks to a statewide mandate from Governor Andrew Cuomo.”


On March 29, Dean and her husband received a call that her father-in-law was ill. Three hours later, the family was informed that he had died, likely of coronavirus, which is the cause of death listed on his death certificate.


Her husband, Sean, visited his mother to tell her about her husband’s death while standing 10 feet away from her. “He would never see her again.”


According to Dean’s testimony, nursing home residents and workers were allowed outside her mother-in-law’s facility to pick up newspapers without masks on.


“As family members, we were prohibited from coming to see Dee for risk of bringing in the virus. But why were the people who lived there coming and going?”

Although Dean’s mother-in-law died in a hospital, she contracted the virus in the elder care facility, according to Dean. “Even though she contacted the virus in an assisted living center, her death was not counted that way because she died in a hospital,” said Dean.


“Our grief and confusion turned into anger as we learned about how elder homes were turned into death traps,” said Dean. “Our most vulnerable loved ones could not protect themselves.” Dean repeated the call for “a full, outside investigation.”


Cuomo shrugged off Dean’s allegations and little was reported on Dean’s charges outside her own network, Fox News.  Governor Cuomo continued his daily briefings and his regular appearances on his brother’s show until it was discovered that he was routinely lying about the number of seniors dying in overcrowded Nursing Home facilities while he refused to utilize a navy military hospital sitting in the New York harbor.  The last thing Cuomo wanted was to admit that he needed help from President Trump.


It was learned that Cuomo and his staff underreported the death count by as many as 50%.  He allowed thousands of people to die without reporting their deaths so that his narrative of being the most competent leader in America when it came to combating the pandemic would not be tarnished.  After all, he had a book out telling the world how to handle such crises.


Then to add to his troubles, the first woman came forward alleging unwanted touching and kissing by the most powerful man in New York, and in his mind, the world.  He of course, denied the allegation.  Then another came forward, then another and another and another.  At last count, there have now been five and the fifth reported his reaching under her clothing to fondle her.  But according to the governor, it is all political and he is innocent.


More than fifty lawmakers including New York Mayor DeBlasio have called for him to resign, but like the black face Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam and former president Bill Clinton, Cuomo refuses to step aside.  And therein lies the dilemma I mentioned in the title to today’s podcast.


Why should Cuomo resign?  The Democratic Party has been overtaken by their radical extreme left Progressive members, for whom there is no defined right or wrong.  They hate rules and religion.  They are atheists or agnostic, using religion only when it advances their agenda.  If you can advocate for the killing of babies right up to the time, they exit the birth canal, or as Northam recently advocated, allowing their birth, and then let the parents decide if they want the baby or not.  And he is a pediatric neurologist who practiced medicine in the military before becoming the Governor of Virginia.


God help us.  If Progressives begin dismissing their own for moral failings, they are admitting that there are standards of right and wrong and that indicts their advocacy for immoral sex and its related contradictions, like their embracing of transgederism and other forms of aberrant behaviors.  In point of fact, they have great difficulty in judging their colleagues because they have real foundation for doings so, hence they face the Cuomo dilemma.


It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.  Oh, by the way, CNN has banned any future Brother interviews and Cuomo’s publisher has ceased publishing any more copies of his book.


  The Border, the Virus and the New World Order  


President Biden has just completed 48 days in office, and it is no secret whom he aims to please, or should I say, appease.  Special interests and the most radical extremists of his party are celebrating the selection of Joe Biden to be the 46th President of the United States.   


In just over one month he has signed more than 50 Executive Orders while failing to hold even one Press Conference to explain his actions or answer hard questions about his policy decisions.   He is ruling America as a King or more appropriately as a Dictator.  The mainstream media continues to give him a pass, overlooking his missteps or actions for which President Trump was labeled a racist and tyrant.   


Biden’s policies on immigration have sent tens of thousands of illegal migrants across our southern border seeking asylum in the US as another hundred thousand are on their way this year.  There is a crisis on our border with Mexico, but Biden prefers to refer to it as a challenge. This predictable outcome of eleven Executive Orders on immigration, including nine that reversed Trump’s policies, has placed immigrant children in danger, packing them in facilities on the border which were considered inhumane cages when Trump used them.   They have thrown caution to the wind when it comes to COVID 19.   


He has catered to the Teacher’s Unions when it comes to placing kids back in the classrooms, with growing evidence that the mental and social ills that our children are suffering will far surpass the danger posed by the virus.  This week pictures surfaced revealing teachers partying on beaches taking advantage of their full paying jobs to go on Spring Break without masks or social distancing, while the students they pretend to care about are cooped up in their homes, often alone. 


He has signed fifteen Corona Virus Executive Orders because he’s compassionate and concerned for the health of all Americans, but he’s perfectly fine with stuffing  hundreds of illegal immigrants known to be infected with the virus in crowded spaces with no social distancing.  Why, you ask? I can only speculate, but it  appears that he and his allies are willing to take risks if it increases their party for future elections. 


President Trump was often offensive in his speech and personal attacks on both his enemies and his friends if he thought they had offended him.  But no one can honestly deny that his policies on the border had ended the annual march of thousands of unaccompanied children to invade America and restored order for the citizens who live there.  Ranchers could once again safely move about their land without fear of the members of drug cartels killing them or their livestock while tearing down their fences and destroying their property.   


Many of those who do find safe harbor in America as a result of President Biden reversing Trump’s policies, will carry the scars of the abuse they suffered at the hands of gang members who traffic in bringing the children to the border.  I cannot even imagine the horror that the 25 people layered in an SUV suffered as it crossed the border and slammed into a truck killing 13 and injuring more at the southern California border.   


Think of that!  And that scene is repeated daily as the cartels promise families freedom and access to the USA and all of the services provided for citizens by the most benevolent country in history.  What does that say to the thousands who have waited for years to enter this country lawfully?  I am becoming convinced that many who now seek to control our country have little or no regard for the Constitution or the rule of law, which historically defined America and distinguished her as a special nation. 


These two issues reveal much about the new President and what we can expect for the next four years. He has opened up our borders allowing COVID infected children to enter our country while closing our schools and forcing our most vulnerable children to fall behind in their education, which provides them with their best hope for rising out of poverty.  And remember, for the poorest students, schools provide their only main source of metrician as well as an opportunity to socialize and enjoy human relationships and play sports.   


 Finally, I want to address one more defining moment for the new administration.   


President Biden reminded us in a rare moment before the cameras of his highest objective.  He referred to his COVID Relief bill as the most important legislation for the people he had seen in his forty years of public life.  Just under two trillion dollars which he said was for COVID relief that must be passed, according to his impassioned plea.  The same President who told us he wanted to bring both sides in Congress together, pushed through this bill without a single Republican vote.    


And what have we discovered?  Only 10% goes toward COVID relief.  The rest is a slush fund to bail out mismanaged state government pensions and fund favorite liberal causes.  Over and over, I hear pundits lament that our children will pay the bill for this largesse.  But let me offer a different perspective.  No one will pay this bill.  It cannot be repaid.   


Our National Debt is about to crush our economy, which is necessary to move America into a New World Order, which elitists have opined for since Woodrow Wilson.  The first George Bush spoke often of the New World Order, but when Trump came to the Oval Office and began speaking of his America First policies, they knew he was a problem.  His policies put more people to work than ever before, made America energy independent, and he took us out of the disastrous Paris Accords, saving us billions of dollars.  He restored and rebuilt our military which had declined throughout the Obama-Biden eight years and did more to advance peace in the Middle East than all his predecessors, keeping America’s promise to recognize Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel.   


The globalist among big tech, multi-national companies and government knew that another four years of such America First policies would doom their vision of a New World Order.  But now, they are back on track, and unless enough voices rise up to oppose them, America is doomed.  I for one, do not intend to sit back and watch our great nation destroyed.  And that’s why I am Mixing Church and State God’s Way!  



The Church Triumphant

Part 2-Our Responsibility to the Church

On our last post, we discussed the nature of the Church, drilling down on three main points which I will rehearse in a moment, but first we must remind ourselves that the only institution in America with the power to restore civility and common decency is the Church, which is why I have entitled this two-part series the Church Triumphant.  Throughout history tyrants and naysayers have risen up to denounce Christians and declare the Church’s death, but they were wrong and those who discount the church today are wrong as well.

Christianity is unlike any other religion on the earth.  In fact, it is not a religion but rather a relationship with the living God of the Bible, made possible by the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, his son and communicated to us through the power of the Holy Spirit who indwells all true believers.  All other religions are false and offer false hope.  Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life, and only through him can you go to the Father.

I recognize that is not politically correct and some may scoff at such notion, but it true and Scripture teaches us that the truth will set men free.  The hope for America in this decadent hour with its gender confusion, pornographic entertainment, broken homes, deceit, and growing assaults on our religious freedoms, only a triumphant victorious church can save us.  That is why I have chosen this series at this time.

Back to our last podcast which you can listen to on our website: recoveramericanow.org, I spoke of three relevant components of Christ’s church:  Every Christian has been called out by God to follow Jesus.  We love to talk about how we chose to follow Jesus, but in point

of fact, before we ever chose Jesus, he first chose us.  It was God’s sovereignty that you heard and understood the goodnews about Jesus.  And because he pricked your heart in whatever circumstance you were in at the time; you were able to respond to his love.  The very word Church in the Greek language, ecclesia, means the called-out ones.  He first loved and chose us.

Secondly, we are all a part of God’s family.  When you were saved, you received a new birth, a second birth, that made you God’s son or daughter.  Finally, we are all uniquely equipped to do something than no one else can do as a part of his body, the church.  Christ is head, we are the body, and the body has many parts.  Each of us must discover what we are equipped to do and do it with our whole heart.

Now let’s turn our attention to our responsibility to the church.  Far too many Christians have the attitude of what can the church do for me and they hop from church to church in search of the perfect church.  It seems every day I hear of new great pastor with some great new approach to giving the people what they want to hear.  Pastors are even taught how to build seeker friendly churches.

The scripture makes it very clear that each of us has a personal responsibility to the church.  And it can be summed up in one word: Give!  God wants his people to be givers.  We live in a selfish and self-centered world comprised of takers with few givers.  Hebrews 10:24-25 says: And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, 25 not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”

There are three things for which we must be willing to give:  First, Our time.  We are commanded to give time to the gathering of the church.  That is why pastors must stand up to the governing authorities and say they will obey God rather than men when it comes to opening their churches.  Yes, practice safe gatherings, but gather.  We need the encouragement of being with other believers and virtual worship does not provide that.  We must give our time so we can encourage and be encouraged by fellow followers of Christ.

Secondly, we must give of our money.  Luke’s gospel says: “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”  The love of money, Paul wrote, is the root of all evil.  He didn’t say money was the root of all evil but rather the love of it.  The way your break the sin of selfishness is by giving.  God wants his people to be givers.

Finally, give your testimony.  Your life is your message to a lost world.  We were not all called be preachers, but we were all called to share our faith.  Jesus said, “Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven.”  We are to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth.  God wants his people to be givers.  We have a responsibility to give of our time, money and life so that others may see and know Jesus.

It is time for the Church Triumphant to arise and change the world.


The Church Triumphant

Matthew 16:13-18

On our last post we discussed the need for bold praying coming from men and women who want to make a difference in our country.  America is in grave danger of being lost.  Governors who embrace a globalist agenda are using the emergency powers available to them under state constitutions to suppress the church and choose winners and losers economically.  Aided by the Federal government and the World Health Organization, not to mention mainstream media, all of which declared that lockdowns were necessary to prevent the spread of Covid 19.  Together they created such fear of the pandemic that most Americans chose to bow at the altar of their superior knowledge and hide in their homes and behind masks.

Now, over a year since the discovery of this disease which we were told would kill millions of Americans, we just passed a milestone:  500,000 deaths including my 88-year-old mother, who spent the last days of her life isolated from her family, friends and pastor, due to regulations placed on her assisted living home.  These numbers are not far off a typical influenza season experienced every year but never causing the shutdown of our country.  And have you noticed how we didn’t have a flue season this year and no one seemed to die of pneumonia?  Whether this was all a hoax or not, it is time for the church, led by her pastors, to be the church.

Before that can happen, we need to be reminded of who the church is so today, we are going to spend a few minutes discussing the nature of the church and on Friday, we will look at our responsibility to her.  In Matthew Jesus used the word church for the first time relevant to his followers:  Matt. 16:13-18 records the exchange.

13 When Jesus came to the region of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, “Who do people say the Son of Man is?”14 They replied, “Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, Jeremiah or one of the prophets.”15 “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”16 Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”17 Jesus replied, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven. 18 And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock, I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. 

Notice how the disciples respond to the question of who men say that Jesus is:  Some said John the Baptist, which tells us that Jesus was an uncompromising and masculine preacher who emphasized repentance; others said he was Jeremiah, which connotes a man who preached with a broken heart; while others said he was Elijah, who performed many miracles and called people to choose who they would serve. 

Then Jesus asked them, “Who do you say that I am?”  And it was Peter who responded, “Thou art the Christ, the son of the living God.” To which Jesus declared, “Peter, you didn’t recognize this on your own, it was revealed to you by the Holy Spirit,” forever reminding us that recognizing Jesus as the Son of God is a spiritual transaction.  He can only be understood by the Holy Spirit’s revelation to our hearts.  That’s why Jesus and his followers will never be fully understood by the people of this world.

Jesus then said that upon the foundation of that revelation he would build his church, and the gates of hell would not prevail against it.  In other words, in the end, we win.  We must never forget that promise.  And from that promise we must operate from a position of total victory.  The Scripture says, “This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith. Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.” (I John 5:4-5)

Now briefly, let’s look at three things that we can learn from Scripture regarding Jesus’ followers:

  1. Let us see what the word church means.  In the Greek, the word church is ecclesia, a compound word containing a preposition and a verb.  The verb is “kaleo,” meaning to call, and the preposition is “ek” which is translated out of or from.  Literally translated it means to call out from.  We who love Jesus are the called ones out from the world.

We are to be different than those who do not follow Christ.  In fact, the first Christians were so named because they lived such that in derision, they were called “little Christ,” which is what Christian means.  Does our life so remind people of Jesus that they might refer to us as “little Christ?”  The church is composed of the “called out” ones who are like little Christs.

Before any of us chose Jesus, He chose us.  That should never result in pride because we were chosen, but rather deep humility as we realize that out of all the peoples of the earth, He so loved us, that He chose to reveal himself to us and call us to be His reflection on earth to others.

  1. As followers of Jesus we are referred to as the children of God. The Scripture says, 12 Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God. (John 1:12)

You and I are a part of God’s family.  What a joy.  And our actions should reflect that we are sons and daughters of God. Do they?

  1. Christians are referred to as the “body of Christ.” I Corinthians 12:27 records: “Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”  As such, there is no unimportant member.  With Jesus as the Head calling the shots, we are all assigned a special task to perform so that the world will know that exists and loves them.  We must discover what our role is and perform it for the glory of God.

The world so needs to see Jesus, and the only way they will see him is through us.  Because so many who attend church on Sunday and them live just like the world the rest of the week, more and more who don’t attend church are saying who needs it?

You and I must live our life in such a way that people will say, so that’s what it means to be a Christian.  We must remember that we, not a building, are the church.


The Prayer of Jabez 


We are living in a time that requires great faith in a great God.  We are living in a time when God’s people must learn to pray bold prayers in full expectation that God can and will answer them. 


For a change of pace as we enter this new week, I want to introduce to you a man in the Old Testament who was not well known but left a legacy like few men who ever lived.  His name was Jabez.  


I became familiar with Jabez when preacher whom I greatly admired delivered a message about Jabez that impacted me as greatly as any single message I have ever heard.  He entitled it simply, The Prayer of Jabez, and I have chosen that title for today’s podcast.  


We are introduced to Jabez in I Chronicles 4. In a lengthy list of the descendants of Judah, Jabez is mentioned as being more honorable than his brothers.  We are told he was given the name Jabez by his mother, because he gave her great pain in childbirth.  His name meant pain. 


His simple but profound prayer is recorded in the fourth chapter of I Chronicles.  I believe it is there because God wanted seekers of His truth to read it and learn from it for all time. 


I Chronicles 4:10 records his prayer in a single verse:  Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory!  Let your hand be with me and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.”  And then this incredible statement immediately follows: God granted his request.” 


First, notice the character of Jabez.  Verse nine says he was more honorable than his brothers.  Can that be said of you and me?  We live in a time when honor is seldom celebrated.  To illustrate the point, take a look at the Boy Scouts of America.  Twenty years ago, teenagers around the world strived to earn the honor of being called an Eagle Scout.  Now the Boy Scout organization is in bankruptcy and Eagle Scouts are few. 


Why?  Because they taught manhood and excluded women and more critically, would not allow homosexual scout masters.  It seemed foolish to many to allow men to take boys on overnight camping trips who were sexually attracted to other men. 


But political correctness won the day, and the boy scouts changed their rules to allow homosexuals to become scout masters.  Now they are buried under hundreds of lawsuits costing hundreds of millions of dollars, initiated by the parents of young men who were sexually assaulted by their scout masters. Just when America needed Eagle Scouts the most, they have been destroyed. 


Jabez stood out in the crowd because he was honorable, and God made a point of it in the list of families and clans in the Chronicles of Judah.  He made a choice to be different than others.  He chose to live a life that honored God.  America needs millions of Jabez’s. 


And he prayed a bold prayer:  Oh God, he prayed, Bless me, indeed!  In this passage God makes it clear that he delights in bold praying.  Are you willing to ask God for the best, for something great?  Have you ever prayed a bold, daring believing prayer?  How big is your God?  Big enough to save America?  Big enough to turn our country back to himself?  


My biggest fear is that most Christians today, including many pastors, believe our country is beyond saving.  They think God is unable to turn it around.  Many today think that America has fallen too far, with over 60 million babies aborted, homosexuality and transgenderism being celebrated and people turning to government rather than to God to meet their needs.  Many believers have the attitude that the worse it gets the sooner Jesus will return so why try to make a difference.  In fact, the belief in the Second Coming of Christ causes many of his followers to choose to lay low and wait for his coming.  


But I constantly remind anyone who will listen, there are Christians all over the world in places like the Iran and China where Christians believe they are living in the days of Tribulation right now, as they suffer for their faith in Christ.  American Christians arrogantly believe bible prophesy is centered on the American church and before it really gets bad here Jesus will come.  We must understand that we were called to be salt and light now.  What if we prayed boldly and in faith like Jabez did?   Perhaps God would answer our prayer for revival and awakening and give us another chance to see millions of souls saved before he returns. 


Look at the certainty of his prayer.  He was known for praying.  He called on the God of Israel. 


And look at the consistency of his praying.  People knew the content of his prayer…God bless me and enlarge my territory.  He was praying for more wealth, land and influence.  In his day it was a package deal.  We need prosperous and successful Christians who can shape our culture.  Men like Mike Lindell of My Pillow fame, who unashamedly profess their faith and use their wealth to further God’s kingdom.  Satan certainly has his people of wealth and power fueling his evil agenda.   Men like George Soros and a host of others too numerous to list here. 


Note three things about his prayer:   

First, it was urgent.  Oh, and indeed.  Most of our prayers are casual and religious.  We are heard for our much speaking.  Lord, bless me.  Not Jabez.  Oh God…that thou wouldest bless me indeed! 


Secondly, it was personal.  Bless me.  Without apology Jabez wanted to be blessed.  Why.  God knew.  He wanted to further God’s purposes. God would never celebrate the prayer of anyone who was intent on using his windfall for malicious of selfish reasons.  This prayer was recorded by God, who seemed to tap the author on the shoulder and say, “Wait a moment, tell them about Jabez.   

Thirdly, it was a daring prayer.  He said… 


  1. Bless me; Oh…urgency.  Indeed!… immensity; importance. 
  2. Enlarge my territory; Greater territory meant greater responsibility and influence and Jabez wanted that. 
  3. Keep your hand on me. Jabez knew he needed God. 
  4.  Keep me from great evil.  That phrase is often translated keep me from harm but is better translated as in the New King James version: that you would keep me from evil. 


Jabez knew his sin nature, and he prayed for God to give him great power and influence and with it the wisdom to never bring shame or disgrace upon the Lord. 


Jabez wanted a bigger challenge.  He wanted a greater opportunity to make a difference.  The tragedy of most of you listening to this podcast is you are not living up to your full potential.  Like most that are listed in these Chronicles, but Jabez wanted none of that.  He prayed a bold and ambitious prayer.  


Was God pleased?  Listen to the next part of this passage:  God granted him his request.  But God did more than that.  He made it a part of the official record so all generations to come would learn of Jabez in the hopes that many would follow Jabez’s example.  


Our country is in jeopardy of being transformed by evil people into something our Founders would not even recognize.  I am not content to stand by and watch them. I have prayed the prayer of Jabez since I first heard my friend preach on it.  I am praying it again today.  Will you? 




The Alliance


Blue State Governors have denied Churches their guaranteed First Amendment rights to worship without Governmental intrusion for months with Pastors and Churches incurring increasing harassments and fines.  Now with Progressives controlling all three branches of government, President Biden has signed numerous executive orders that are designed to force people of faith to deny the express revealed will of God regarding same-sex relations and transgenderism.  His EO issued on January 20th sets the stage for requiring churches and Christian Schools to allow male transgenders to enter women’s private spaces like showers and restrooms.  If those who embrace the Bible as the inerrant Word of God do not unify and stand up to this growing assault on our religious freedom, the pressure to conform to the new morality of the Left will intensify and those who fail to comply will face increasing persecution.


There needs to be an alliance of Christian influencers from the Clergy, Christian media, Christian organizations, Christian business professionals, Christian academia, Christian legal experts, and Christian governmental officials who like the men of Issachar, understand the times and know what must be done. (I Chronicles 12:32).


In the early 2000’s, the battle to protect marriage was being won state by state through their state legislators amending their state constitutions to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman.  That success was no accident.  It was the result of Christian leaders working together.


I was invited to Washington DC by Don Wildmon, founder of the American Family Association, to attend a meeting of leaders from across America, to hear a proposal to work within a coalition to promote the passage of the state amendments to state constitutions.  The first meeting actually took place in Arlington, VA, and we decided to refer to our coalition as the Arlington Group.  We agreed to quarterly meetings to network toward advancing an agenda that reflected God’s word, will and way.  Over the next few years, we saw much success working together.  At first, we were under the radar and enjoyed the anonymity, but as we stacked up successes, we became well known.  You can google Arlington Group and you’ll find a Wikipedia page with much info about the group.


Those were heady days for a young activist like me, standing in the presence of such giants as Jerry Falwell, D. James Kennedy, Tim LaHaye, Adrian Rogers, James Dobson, Phyllis Schlafly, Paul Weyrich, Morten Blackwell and Don Wildmon, all leaders of massive ministries and presence in Christian media.  Around them, were men and women of lesser influence, all humbled to be a part of such meetings.  These were the foot soldiers, the necessary warriors needed to implement the strategies developed by such leaders.  I looked forward to every gathering and developed friendships that have lasted through the passing of time.  We won every battle we faced for a season.


Then the Supreme Court stepped in and overturned every state constitution that so defined marriage as God intended.  With the stroke of a pen, they declared that God’s law and knowledge of what was best for marriage was irrelevant.  Pandora’s box was overturned and now we have gender confused males declaring they are women, walking into the private spaces designed for a woman’s privacy.  If you get in their way, you risk being jailed or fined or both.


The meetings stopped.  The networking ended though all of us continued to battle the downward trend of our culture.  One by one all of the great leaders of that era passed on to their reward…Dr. Falwell, Dr. Kennedy, Dr. Rogers, Mrs. Schlafly, Tim LaHaye, Morton Blackwell, Paul Weyrich.  Though still living, Mr. Wildmon was sidelined with a crippling affliction inflicted by the bite of a mosquito.


Some critics say, “What good was accomplished by all the time and expense of these meetings?   Everything continues to slide toward the abyss.  Nothing lasting was accomplished.”  But the greater question is, how far would we have slid had we not met and worked together?  It is never wrong for godly leaders to meet, pray and work together for the advancement of the Gospel and to confront evil. James, our Lord’s half-brother, wrote to the church in the first century, “Faith without works is dead.”  Scripture also admonishes, “He that knows to do good and does not do it sins.”


Our Lord taught his disciples that the church was to be salt and light.  When the Arlington lifted up the light of truth, things began to happen.  Salt is a preservative.   It cannot prevent meat from spoiling, but it can delay the process.  I believe the Arlington Group effectively spread the salt on the culture buying time for the revival we pray for but have yet to see.


We need such leadership again.  I’m not so arrogant to suggest that I am the only one nor best one to lead such an effort, but a gathering of leaders together must happen.  In January the Board of Recover America unanimously encouraged me to invest time and treasure in gathering leaders from across America to discuss how we respond to the growing threats to our religious liberties that have long been the foundation of freedom in America.


The Unholy Alliance


Have you marveled at how quickly Americans exchanged their Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms for socialism?   Historically, Americans gathered information and then made decisions for themselves, especially when in came to health, but in one tragic year, 2020, over 200 years of freedom was exchanged for tyranny.  Can that be reversed?  Time will tell, but not unless Christians and ordinary citizens led by an informed and courageous Clergy quickly organize and push back.

Benjamin Franklin is credited with first saying that “those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither liberty nor security.” Whether he first stated that or not, the truth of the statement cannot be debated.  That is exactly what has happened in the past year.  And not by accident, either.

There has been a growing love affair by members of Academia and the chosen few with socialism for decades, which is government imposed by the elite through force, thrust upon the people to enforce the will of the few.  A Constitutional Republic, which America has been since her founding, is a government granted by the people, constituted of the people and it exists for the people’s good.

Freedom demands virtue.  John Adams, our second President, famously stated: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  Alexis de Tocqueville, the famous French historian who visited early America added: “Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.”  To that he noted in his notable two volume work on America…


I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her commodious harbors and her ample rivers—and it was not there. . . . . in her fertile fields and boundless forests—and it was not there. . . . .in her rich mines and her vast world commerce—and it was not there. . . . in her democratic Congress and her matchless Constitution—and it was not there.  Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power.  America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.


Today, there are two visions competing to control and shape America’s future.  One vision acknowledges God and understands that He is just and His ways are desirable.  That vision acknowledges His word, His will and His ways, as revealed in Scripture and seeks to abide by His revealed truth.  For two centuries and numerous challenges, that view was the consensus view and even though there was dissent and disagreement, there was an overshadowing fear of God that enabled us to establish a nation with order and predictability that allowed citizens the freedom to pursue their dreams with freedom.


The second view, now held by a growing but aggressive minority that has increasing power, denies God, His word, His will and His ways, defining freedom as the ability to define right and wrong as you personally will it.  This new freedom has led to a new morality that denies science while claiming to embrace it and leads to chaos that requires the heavy hand of government to enforce it.  Just look at the confusion surrounding gender, which denies what is clearly visible and enables a child to choose gender with government then forcing parents to embrace that choice or forfeit parenting the child.  Homosexuality, once considered shameful, is now celebrated and government forces anyone with a religious conviction that the behavior is sinful to not only embrace but celebrate the activity or face government-imposed sanctions.  We now see a new letter added almost daily to the LGBQT agenda with P for pedophilia certain to be added soon.  Why not?  They have a right to be happy too, don’t they?


And that brings us to the unholy alliance between Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci.  The Corona Virus, known as Covid 19, appeared on the nation’s radar one year ago.   At the time, America was the envy of the world with a revitalized economy, rebuilt military, increasingly closed borders and illegal immigration under control and our markets at historic highs rising the boats of all.  And the greatest recipients of the rising economic tide were the minority communities. Our soldiers were coming home and terror attacks almost forgotten and American patriotism rising with every Trump rally.   Globalists in our government and around the world knew something had to be done about Trump.


Unknown to most, the second highest contributor to the World Health Organization of which Dr. Fauci is the leading advocate, after the US government, is Bill and Melinda Gates.  Politico reported in 2017:


          Some billionares are satisfied with buying themselves an island.  Bill Gates got the United Nations health agency in Geneva.  Over the past decade, the World’s richest man has become the WHO’s second biggest donor to the UN….This largesse gives him outsized influence over the agenda…the result, say his critics, is that Gate’s priorities have become the WHO’s.”

Politco went on to say that Gates and his allies started the ball rolling to call this new virus a pandemic requiring a new approach, and suddenly Fauci and others are demanding that the world’s economy had to be sacrificed to save humanity.

Suddenly, citizen’s of the USA could not be trusted to make informed decisions about their health and Government took over.  Those who had advocated for Big government which always means less freedom finally had the hook to displace freedom with fear and the American people gave it away in exchange for safety and checks printed and an exploding deficit that even the GOP was more than willing to give away.

Now…socialism is the order of the day unless we the people, especially we the people of God, stand up and speak out.  More about this on Friday.


Prevailing Prayer for America is Required


America is under serious attack as I speak.  There is a conspiracy of evil united in their commitment to change America completely.  They understand that the goal of a one world government requires that nationalism and patriotism cannot co-exist with their globalist agenda.  Under Barak Hussein Obama, they were well on their way to achieving their goal to surrender American sovereignty to the global community.  The election of a businessman who “put America First, was a devastating blow to their plans, but their persistence in attempt after attempt to remove Donald Trump finally paid off with the Chinese Wuhan virus, known as COVID 19.

Aided by millions of votes that many believe were manufactured by the Chinese communist party with the aid of computers, a man who failed in two previous attempts to run for President and who seldom left his basement to campaign, received more votes than any previous presidential candidate in history.  And during a pandemic!

The reason so many have difficulty in believing the election was conducted fairly is that the outcome is, frankly, hard to believe.  In fact, the fraud that we are repeatedly told is a lie, is easier to believe than the outcome that we are constantly told is the truth.  And the punishment and disdain levied against anyone who dares to disagree with the official state position is akin that doled out against dissidents in Communist China.  Just ask the consummate entrepreneur, Mike Lindell of My Pillow fame.  For questioning the results of the election, he has been banned from all media platforms, suffered public ridicule and trolls and social media magnates are seeking to destroy his company by banning any access for selling his products online or in stores.

This is no longer the home of the brave and the land of the free where free speech and free thinking are considered virtues to be protected and celebrated.  People are seeing their livelihoods destroyed and freedoms lost for refusing to comply with approved politically correct speech.

America needs what only God’s people can supply.  America needs a God! And we need him in His manifest presence now!  That means God’s people must seek him with all their heart for deliverance from the Satanic assault we are under.  James reminds us in James 5:18: The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.


That’s why I am calling for the greatest movement of prayer in our history.  Yes, we are strategizing and working on plans to move an army of pastors and their congregations to speak out and vote for righteous candidates, but if God doesn’t move in our country, there will never be a free election again.

There are many prayer movements currently going forth both in America and around the world for America.  But I need an army of prayer warriors who will pray for God to work in our ministry and for God to provide his wisdom to me and our team as we seek to awaken pastors across the country to start praying daily for those who seek to destroy our country and advance their wickedness to be exposed.

We are living in the day described in Isaiah when men called good evil and evil good.  Consider that saying the election was rigged can get your business canceled, but when Antifa and BLM protesters burn down cities and assault police officers, they are celebrated.  Parents telling their child they are a boy, when they feel like they are a girl, can result in the child being removed from their home.  You cannot pray in our public schools, but you can host Transgender Story Time in a public library.  Purveyors of smut and filth in Hollywood can freely express their art, but pastors are evil and harsh if they dare call their art sin.  Homosexuals are celebrated while those who dare to call their activity sin are accused of spewing hate speech and subject to fines or imprisonment.

This is spiritual warfare, and the battle can only be won in the prayer closet.  Will you commit to praying for us as we try to confront those who are seeking to destroy our country?  God is both our greatest hope and our greatest threat.  This country will either experience God’s blessings in revival or experience his wrath in judgement.  And one of the two is soon to fall.

If you will commit to pray for us, please email me at [email protected] or go to our website, recoveramericanow.org and leave us a message and we will contact you soon.


A Plan for Saving America

I have long preached that America has replicated the sins of Jerusalem and Judah as recounted in Is. 3-5.  In Isaiah chapter 3, God lists nine sins that His people had embraced including homosexuals coming out of the closet to boldly declare their sin without shame when he stated, “The show of their countenance witnesses against, the declare their sin as Sodom and hide it not.” (Is. 3:9). In Isaiah 5:3ff God asks the men of Judah and Jerusalem a question:  O inhabitants of Jerusalem, and men of Judah, judge, I pray you, betwixt me and my vineyard.What could have been done more to my vineyard, that I have not done in it? wherefore, when I looked that it should bring forth grapes, brought it forth wild grapes? And now go to; I will tell you what I will do to my vineyard: I will take away the hedge thereof, and it shall be eaten up; and break down the wall thereof, and it shall be trodden down:


In verse 20, God adds…20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!


That is where America stands at this hour.  Who would have believed a nation could fall so fast as America has fallen in the past 10 years?  And who would have believed a year ago that the morality and civility could have fallen so fast as it has since Covid 19 hit our shores?  And who would have believed so many Pastors would allow the government to dictate when and how their churches would function, conceding both their first amendment rights as well as choosing to obey man rather than God?

America is in a very dangerous place.  There is more division and hate being spewed than at any time in my lifetime.  Critical Race Theory and the Cancel Culture has unleashed a new kind of reverse racism that will destroy any hope of ever unifying our Country again.

The selective memory of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is astounding.  After months of rioting, destruction of private and public property and an all-out war against law enforcement by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, were celebrated, one act of violence by the supporters of Donald Trump has suddenly become an insurrection and every supporter of Trump has been labeled a White Supremacist and insurrectionist.

New facts about the assault on the Capitol are emerging every day though you would never know it by listening to the mainstream media.  Rudy Giuliani has released a video in which he stated: “The riot was preplanned. This was an attempt to slander Trump.” He added, “The evidence is coming out.” No one doubts or denies that Trump supporters were involved in the assault, but it is becoming clear that they were infiltrated by haters of Trump who ceased the moment to write a new narrative that all Trump supporters are potential threats to the security of the nation.  There is a steady drumbeat that supporters of Trump are dangerous, and few Republicans in Congress are refuting that narrative, perhaps out of fear of being canceled and publicly ridiculed by their political opponents.

Axios reported last September that according to the insurance industry, the riots of last summer were the costliest ever in terms of payouts, falling between one and two billion dollars and exceeding the costs of the Los Angeles riots of 1992 and the urban riots of the sixties.  The Hill reported that the violence against police last summer and continuing in Portland, Seattle and Denver are targeted and planned, yet no one is screaming insurrection, because it doesn’t fit their narrative that conservatives who believe in the Constitution and the rule of law as the best protection for private citizens are the problem in America.

The ultimate objective of the left is to destroy the belief that America is an exceptional nation, founded on the rule of law, and that every citizen is entitled to equal treatment and equal opportunity.  They are globalists and want America to be a part of a global society ruled by elites that know how to best manage the globe.  They believe the air we breathe, our health and the earth all belong to a universal co-op and only a global government can manage it successfully.  Individual nations are an impediment to climate control and a sustainable future in their twisted view.  Remember Antifa’s chant last summer as they stormed Federal buildings and looted stores in city after city?

No borders.  No wall. 

No USA at all.

And no charge of insurrection because they are on the right team.

President Trump infuriated the globalist when he addressed the World Economic Forum in 2018 in Davos, Switzerland, when he boldly asserted: “I believe in America. As President of the United States, I will always put America First.” At

that moment, those committed to a globalist agenda knew that Trump and those who shared his belief in America had to be stopped.

The accusation that Trump was a Russian spy failed.  The effort to impeach him failed.  But with the rush on the Capitol during the debate over what many believed was a stolen election the left had what they needed…evidence that Trump was leading an insurrection.  Now he is being dragged through an unconstitutional Kangaroo Court by Democrats determined to deny him any opportunity to ever return to public life.  With their willing co-conspirators in the press, mainstream media, social media, and the deep state, they are forging a new America, built on lies and unlawful executive orders flowing from the pen of the man who supposedly garnered more votes than any candidate in American history while seldom leaving his basement, stretching credulity to the max.

And most Americans sit on their couches watching Netflix and looking forward to the next stimulus check, getting their filtered news from the big three.  All of this would be deeply depressing if not for one hope…An awakened church led by courageous pastors, and they are out there.  Regarding pastors, the Scripture reminds us… “that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called.”  But that verse also reminds us that some wise, mighty, and noble men are called, and there are great men of God who are standing tall during this darkened time.  We must rally around them and support them.

But the vast majority of God’s army are found in small churches in out the way places, where day in and day out they stand strong and unwavering in their commitment to Christ and His word.  Many of them have already been fired twice for not compromising their principles.  And their churches are filled by millions of Christians who understand the times and like the men of Issachar in Old Testament, know what must be done.

Those pastors, some great men and many forgotten men, are God’s plan for saving America.  They must rise up.  Soon we will be releasing a plan to mobilize these warriors for Christ.  In his letter from prison to the Philippians Paul states:

“…stand firm in the one Spirit, striving together as one for the faith of the gospel 28 without being frightened in any way by those who oppose you. This is a sign to them that they will be destroyed, but that you will be saved—and that by God. 29 For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe in him, but also to suffer for him…”

(Philippians 1:27-29)


A Time for Pastors to Stand 


The actions of the new President and the leadership of the Democratic Party are the actions of Communists and dictators worldwide and not the actions of those who believe in Constitutional government.  Not so long ago, Democrats and Republicans believed in lively debate over policies that benefited the American people.  Both parties embraced God and Christians participated in both.   

I cast my first vote as an adult for Democratic Presidential candidate Jimmy Carter in 1976. My rationale for the vote was he, like me, attended a Southern Baptist Church.  He taught Sunday School in his home church, wrote a book entitled Born Again, and gave testimony of his faith in Christ. 


While I disagreed with some of his positions, I believed he would allow his faith to guide him as our president and therefore God would bless our nation.  Over the next four years I got quite an education.  But even with such political disappointments, Democrats and Republicans worked together to advance the common good.  In recent years all of that has changed and America is real peril as a result. 


President Trump was elected because most Americans were sick of the posturing in Washington DC, the soaring deficits and growing divisions.  Millions voted for Trump because he wasn’t a politician.  He was the quintessential disrupter.  His antics and verbal jabs at the press and liberal politicians was entertaining and encouraging to many of us who had grown weary of the way so many Republicans refused to fight back.  During President Bush’s eight years in office, he was lampooned and attacked viciously by Democrats and member of the liberal press, but he refused to respond, leaving his defense to talk radio and leaving many of his supporters frustrated while opening the door for the election of Barack Hussein Obama.   


But Trump went too far.  The Scripture reminds us that pride goeth before the fall, and President Trump seemed to defy that truth…until by hook or crook he was denied a second term.  Many of us chose to suspend our Christian ethics in order to defend President Trump because we loved his policies, and he advanced our agenda beyond any President before him.  His list of accomplishments for the betterment of the American people is too long to recount here.  I often repeated the mantra of many of my colleagues, reminding people that they should look at what he did rather than what he said, and I maintain that actions speak louder than words.  But for the follower of Christ, both words and actions matter, and we shall give an account of both on the day we stand before the Eternal Judge of the Universe. 


Now the other team has the ball.  We can moan and groan about a stolen election, but it doesn’t change the fact that on January 20, Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States.  Meanwhile, the Democratic party, controlled by Communists and Socialists hold majorities in both Houses and they are using their newly acquired power to consolidate a death grip on power over America.  


The party that in 2012 attempted to remove God from their platform and which no longer includes the phrase “so help me God,’ or any reference to God in their swearing in of testimony or oaths of office, is now making policy that will direct the affairs of state in the foreseeable future.  

Thwarted in their efforts to move America into a globalist society under Barack Hussein Obama when Trump won in 2016, they are now swiftly moving to reclaim lost ground, with President Biden undoing Trump’s America First agenda and forcing America to embrace globalism, socialism and the worship of climate change as if it were god, by Executive fiat and unbridled abuse of power, regardless of the harm these polices bring upon Americans.  On his first day in office, Biden who promised to unify the country, signed Executive orders stopping the Keystone Pipeline which caused tens of thousands of Americans to lose their jobs overnight, while breaking a contract with our solid ally, Canada without so much as a call to Canada’s leadership.  In his first week in office, he reinstated Obama’s wicked and anti-science policy of allowing men who identify as women to compete with women in athletics and enter women’s locker rooms despite possessing the anatomy of a male.  This will make preaching on homosexuality and transgenderism hate speech in America, as it has done already in neighboring Canada. 


While we are discussing the unconstitutional practice of legislating with the stroke of a pen, bypassing Congress, we cannot overlook the devastating effects on our economy that his Executive order to return America to the Paris Climate Accord and reinstating the treaty with Iran which President Trump overturned, will have. All such actions easily overturned by the next President, but the impact is immediate and long lasting resulting in the loss of tens of thousands of jobs and while destabilizing the Middle East. 


Meanwhile the Mainstream media has effectively become the propaganda arm if the left, while social media moguls, exempt from defamation lawsuits, have become free speech censors, determining who can access their platforms and what can be said on those platforms.  After years of assault in academia and on University campuses, free speech is effectively dead in America.  The only hope for our beloved country is, as it has always been, the church, alive and well.  But the church is not well with many pastors afraid to speak the truth during these turbulent times.  


When the government ordered the church to cease public worship and to offer sermons online last March, at first, in the name of safety, most all complied, and few objected in lieu of so little being known about the effects and extent of Covid19.  But after weeks of online church, and more being known about the virus, men of God began demanding the right to open their houses of worship.  If Antifa and BLM could march in protest in our streets, then why couldn’t we open our churches.  We were told liquor stores and Lowes were essential, but churches were not, denying the role churches have played in America preaching the soul liberating Gospel, feeding the hungry and building vast hospital networks to minister healing to the sick.  Tragically, the vast majority of pastors rolled over and complied.  


But now, 10 months into the virus and accompanying lock downs, it’s time for men of God everywhere to come forth and remind Government officials that the first Amendment to the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and forbids Government to invade the business of the church, while we are commanded by the Scripture that we are to gather together and exhort one another unto love and good works. 


While information is controlled by media elites and has become a propaganda tool of the Marxists-/communists left, with any resistance facing fines and imprisonment, the pulpit becomes the main tool of truthful information for the church.  If the pulpits remain silent, the take down of  


The Cost of Freedom

President Biden continues to sign Executive Orders as if he were a king rather than an elected official.  In his first 8 days in office, he signed 40 Executive orders.  40!  By comparison, President Obama and Trump signed a total of 11 between them in their first week in office.  We are blazing new territory here.  And it should be a cause of alarm of all of us.  Congress alone has the power to legislate, while our President is empowered to veto or execute that which the Congress legislates.  But that process, as so much of our Constitution, is being increasingly ignored, while we the people and especially the people of God seem unconcerned and hoping for the best.

Many of these Executive Orders are rather harmless having to do with implementing the President’s Coronavirus strategy, but others will have devasting consequences for our Nation.  After offering a pledge toward unifying us wounded nation in his inauguration speech, he implemented an all-out assault on our religious and Constitutional freedoms, deepening the divide between those who voted for him and the 74 million who did not.  In fact, many who did vote for Biden are already expressing buyer’s remorse because of his broken promises.


My friend, Robert Knight, a free-lance writer and Columnist for the Washington Times, noted that his Executive Orders reversing many positive Trump policies, including controlling the border, achieving energy independence, protecting the unborn, keeping biological males out of female bathrooms, locker rooms and sports.


President Biden trumpets that he will always follow the science, yet he completely ignores science when it comes to women’s sports and physiology.  With regards to minors, he ignores DNA and anatomy and allows adults to abuse innocent children with anti-science notions that a person can declare their sexual identity and that changes everything.


Regarding the military, taxpayers will soon be required to pay for sex change operations for gender confused soldiers while combat soldiers will be required to accommodate males who declare they are females and females who declare they are males.  Meanwhile, standards must be lowered so female males can compete with male males.


It’s a shame the same logic that lowers our military readiness is not applied to women’s athletics, where the fastest woman in the world has a slower time that the top 300 males in high school in the same event.  The inescapable truth is God made men and women different.  The scripture proves true again, when it states that, “professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” (Romans 1:22)


All of this has implications for the Church.  We have been called to be salt and light in this darkening world.  In the near future, every Christian, and especially pastors, will be required to choose where they stand regarding these hellishschemes to deny God’s revealed truth and embrace lies.  There will be a cost.  We must pray that we will live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ as Paul did when he wrote in his letter to the Philippian church in chapter 1 his prayer, “that (I will) in no way be ashamed but will have sufficient courage so now as always Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or death.  For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.”


He went on to write: “Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ…without being frightened in any way by those who oppose you.  This will be a sign to them that they will be destroyed, but you will be saved-and that by God.  For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe in him, but also to suffer for him.”


President Biden is pursuing the same policies that President Obama implemented that brought America to the brink domestically and internationally and caused millions of voters to vote for non-politician.  For all of his failings that so offended many, no one could accuse President Trump of not doing what he said he would do, and his America First policy brought the us the lowest unemployment numbers in history, raised the standard of living for minorities, revitalized our military, made America energy independent, and moved our embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing Jerusalem as the legitimate Capitol of Israel, not to mention forging new alliances in the Middle East bringing stability to a region of the world that has known so little of it.  Without question, his lasting legacy will be his appointment of strict Constitutionalists to sit on our Federal Courts, including three on the Supreme Court of the United States. Christians must prepare for the coming assault on our religious freedoms.  I predict this current administration will have no tolerance for those of us who dare preach God’s infallible word regarding sexual orientation or deny a man who identifies as a woman the right to enter the lady’s locker room.  For such loyalty to truth, you will be considered a bigot and guilty of hate speech.


Are we willing to remain true to the Bible and are we willing to protect the innocence of our children when freedom is the price?  We may soon be forced to choose, and I wonder where America’s pastors will stand?


Soon we will be announcing a call for pastors who will stand up for truth and God’s Word to come together and announce their commitment to God, no matter what.  In the meantime, Everett Piper published a prayer this week in the Washington Times which I think every Christian should consider praying. He is a columnist for The Washington Times, and was a former university president and radio host.


I was challenged this past week to pray for our nation’s leaders. My friend told me to refuse to do so is to sin against God. I agree.  I, therefore, offer the following prayer for the Biden administration in the days ahead.

Heavenly Father,

I pray for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

I pray for them to confess their mockery of your church. Please help them understand that those of us who are simply trying to live out our days as best we can in obedience to your word are not ignorant rubes, deplorables or domestic terrorists.


I pray for them to open their minds and understand that our love for you does not make us hateful and that our disagreement with them does not make us phobic. Show them that we are afraid of no one but you and that we hate nothing but sin. Let them know that all we ask of them is that they leave us alone so that we may “seek justice, love mercy, walk humbly, fear you — and you alone — and keep your commandments.”


I pray for them to renounce their attack against religious freedom. Open their eyes to understand that the wall of separation was constructed to keep the government out of the business of the church and not the church out of the business of government. Remind them that they have no legal right to tell those committed to Christ and his teachings that honoring and obeying those teachings is illegal.


I pray for them to repent of their celebration of sexual license as a moral good. Convict them of the insult of dumbing down the definition of the imago Dei, what it means to be a human being, to the imago dog; to little more the sum total of our base inclinations, appetites, dysphorias and desires. Let them see the wisdom in the scriptural proclamation that all men and women are made in the image of God, that we are not animals, and that we are defined by our Lord and not our libido.


I pray that they ask for forgiveness for the misogyny of telling men that they are women and boys that they are girls. May they repent of stealing a woman’s objective identity and worth. May they see the lie of pretending to be feminists while denying the reality of the female and claiming to be pro-woman while telling women that they are not even biologically and genetically real.


I pray that they stop sacrificing our youngest children to their Beltway Baal, their modern-day Moloch of “choice.” Over 50 million executions by the scalpel of Planned Parenthood’s high priests are just too much. Help them understand that finding a pregnancy untimely and inconvenient does not negate that the baby in question has human dignity and worth.

I pray that they stop using our nation’s children as little more than laboratory rats in their grisly experiment of sexual politics. Pre-school and the elementary grades should be a time where a child’s innocence is protected. It should not be a time when emotionally predatory adults attack our son’s and daughter’s hearts, minds, bodies and souls.

I pray that they stop claiming to be pro-science while denying the science of physiology, anatomy, genetics and DNA.

I pray that they stop worshiping the God they see in the mirror and start worshiping the God they see in the Bible. May they repent of the narcissism that has plagued mankind since the dawn of time, of claiming to be “as God” and reversing His definitions of what is evil and what is good.

I pray that they follow Scripture — all of it — rather than manipulating it for political gain and ignoring the passages they don’t like.

I pray that they will be broken and humbled rather arrogant and proud.

Let their hearts of stone be softened.

Let their darkened minds see the light.

I pray for them to understand and take to heart the words of Christ when he said we all must be born again and that none of us — not one single one of us — should ever presume to raise a banner defiantly declaring that we are “born that way.”

I pray for President Biden, and I pray for Vice President Harris. I pray for their souls as well as that of our nation.

God forgive us. God help us.

For the sake of the remnant, God, please withhold your hand.

Amen, and amen.

• Everett Piper (dreverettpiper.com, @dreverettpiper), a columnist for The Washington Times, is a former university president and radio host. He is the author of “Not a Daycare: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth” (Regnery).